Lesson Plans pa more…

One more day and our semestral break is done.

Honestly, 5 days is not enough to regain all our exhaustion from the past quarter. Dead na dead sa deadline ee. Teachers are superhumans talaga.

It was really tiring but still fulfilling especially if you already accomplished all the your “to do lists” on time.

I know kahit magcomplain ako nang magcomplain, it won’t help me to feel better because I’m just adding up on the problem.

Just like what they told us before the classes start, we shouldn’t stress our self on our first year of teaching. It wasn’t as easy as I thought kahit na nag-out campus teaching nadin kami before summer. It was a way different in terms tons of loads and paperworks to do. You have your lesson plans, project proposals, visual aids, written works, exams, checking of papers, recording and computation of grades and a lot more of professional requirements.

And unlike any other jobs, being a teacher doesn’t end after the class hours. It continues until you go home. Even if you choose not to bring paperworks at home, yung utak mo naman ang ayaw tumigil kakaisip ng mga dapat mong gawin at matapos ahead of time.

It was really frustrating especially on my part that I don’t want to wait for the deadline to come before I do things, I hate cramming since I was a student. So I make sure that I spend my lean hours doing the requirements. The downside there was, hindi na ako sanay na walang ginagawa. I feel to useless kapag nakatunganga lang, my brain cells are keep on working and overthinking things that I need to do. Even if it’s my only chance to give myself a rest. Hayy. I really hate my brain.

But still, I know I can go through with this. Marami pang mangyayarin and marami pa akong pagdadaanan before I was able to have those things that I’m working hard for.

It will be all worth it.

For future teachers, enjoy your life while you’re still student teachers, but instill in your minds the habit of being professional, especially in terms of on time submissions, punctuality and deportment towards co-workers. Everything will be a lot different when you already in the actual field of teaching. Just never get tired of learning. 🙂


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