Make you or Break you

8:59 AM

Don’t expect your situation to change, when you, yourself is not ready to change at all.
Some may say that if someone really loves you, he will accept you for who you are and he will not require you to change. It’s because that required change should not come or requested by him or someone else. It is a self will. You will come to a point that even without him asking you to change, you will and have to do it voluntarily cause you’ll figure out that it will be for both sake. Whatever the result, you’ll just be happy because it’s your mere choice and not from someone’s will.
You’ll change not because someone’s want you to, but because it is something that can improve you and be proud of.

Changes will make and/or break you. Make if you do it for the better and willingly. Break if you do it because someone’s wants you too.
Break AND make you since the first part is always the hardest but it’s your choice and decision how you will find it worthwhile.


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