The Tuesday (Sunday) Currently Vol. 1

Phototastic-11_8_2015_70bd7369-9528-4c7c-8a29-55e7db057a08 1Does it really need to be just every Sunday where you need to write about this stuff? Haha Today is Tuesday so it will be The Tuesday Currently. 

One minute before 1:00 am and I’m currently:


My recent blogs and stressing my self how can I transfer it in an organized manner here in my new WordPress.


obviously, my first Sunday (Tuesday) Currently blog post.


To the sound of the electric fan when all of them are having a sound sleep. Puyat at pimple pa more!

About him. Hayy. Nagtatampo na naman kasi di ako nakasabay matulog. I was so busy here in WordPress because I know it will only be my chance to do stuffs like this especially when the classes already started. Hope he understand. Babawi na lang ako.

The breeze of the cold night air. Amoy probinsya haha.

For the time to fly so much faster para andito na siya, maging normal na ang lahat at magawa na namin yung mga usual na ginagawa namin dati.

For the positive results of my LET. I’m trusting His plans or me. I know He will never let me down.


The people around me now. I’m loving myself even more, though it is also my choice to be sad, I still manage to compose myself.

To finish all my requirements ahead of time. Sipag sipag pa ng konti.


More motivation and initiative.


Happy cause finally I’m done here and I can sleep now. (Haba pala nito haha) Woooo!


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