The Sunday Currently Volume 2

Phototastic-11_8_2015_af81adda-2999-4f0c-8990-b0830dbba56d 1Yey it’s Sunday again 🙂 Aside from Zumba and Church day, this things makes me more excited about this day. Though this day is also a sign that I the following day will be a new hard week for me. (Hello Monday!)

Five minutes after 8:00 in the morning here at Solaire Casino and Resort (Yes another family day, thanks to our sponsor, we got the chance again to pamper ourselves in this VIP luxury room, while they are busy on their own thing, I’m here currently:


Some news feed about AlDub (haha as usual) what’s new. Aldub FanPage-Aldub Vines- Twitter- Instagram- then Aldub Fanpage again haha. That was my usual routine when I have a free time.


My second blog about Sunday Currently. At last it wasn’t any other day of the week haha.


MYX and in the sound of the aircon.


Hmm. I’m thinking about what shoes will I’m going to buy (it was not actually me who will pay for it but my sister, her already!)


As usual, the unique smell of the rooms here, the leather in particular. Thank God because it is much larger than the room where we stayed last time so the smell was not that strong.


I think it’s almost everyone’s wish to be in this kind of lifestyle everyday. Waking up in a king size bed inside a huge,spacious room filled with complete set of luxurious furniture, overseeing the bay and just enjoying the amenities inside this hotel and casino. But of course we have to face the reality.


I can make this things as normal as reality soon. Yung feeling na hindi na namin kakailanganin na pumunta dito para magrelax, everything we need will be available at home na. Wala nang poproblemahanin about personal stuffs and the likes.

My updated windows in Laptop. Hello Windows 10! Welcome to my Laptop haha. Actually, I already had an experience in Windows 10 (Thanks to Beb) but it is just a trial period and all my files got lost that’s why I returned it to my original OS which is Windows 7. Now, there’s no turning back. It’s already Windows 10 and I have to be more patience especially for some lag issues.


To have a normal lifestyle like this (not exactly this expensive but as comfortable as this).

I need to eat. Haha. We haven’t had our breakfast yet, thanks to my sister, she’s already awake and she’s talking with the dining personnel. (Para pang bangag makipag-usap kakagising lang ee)


Better. Aside from this good experiences, I’m also glad because I’m gaining my sister back. She changed a lot since the last time we talked (we don’t actually talk that much since she left the house). She is aware on how I hated her for that. And now, everything is falling into places. We are in good terms, not that as close as we had during our school days, but it is much better now because we know when to shut our mouth and keep ourselves from cursing at each other. Thank God because she already know how to choose her words towards me, in that way she’s gaining my respect. (I know I’m the meanest sister she had, she has no choice, I’m her only sister).


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