The Sunday Currently Volume 3

Phototastic-11_29_2015_b9d655e0-fa35-4c40-a419-42f47086b3be(2) 1The best Sunday is when you know that Monday is a holiday hoho 😀

Just got home from church, and a date again with my brother. He’s always been a substitute to Beb whenever I want to go somewhere. Thanks to him. 🙂

So currently, I’m


Actually I’m planning to read the book that I just bought yesterday. It is about letting go of something that keeps you from holding on. But I’m still not done with my first book of Bo Sanchez, so I have to finish it first before I proceed with the another one.


This is my third entry in Sunday Currently. Supposed to be the 4th since I always tried to have a blog every week but I ended up making a composition related to something personal last week.


To Beb’s voice. As usual Video chat again, although we haven’t got the chance to do it everyday due to my stressful schedule and a lot of to do stuffs.


Honestly, I don’t want to think about the results of the LET but it’s still haunting me. As long as I haven’t got it, I will never calm down.


for the days to pass very quickly. 26 days more before Christmas and 22 more days Beb will be here 🙂


Still, a positive result of my exam. I trust you Lord, Thy will be done.


My new lippie from L’oreal Paris. Thanks to Maine for giving me an idea about it. It was affordable and yet a good quality of matte lipstick with a lot of color variations.


More of those lipsticks in different shades. I’m also planning to buy more for a gift. I also want to invest on something that I can use for business  like printer, tote bag, and silk screen materials.


More courage to do those things I’m always planning and dreaming of, like those businesses, continue studying and having savings.


Anxious, nervous, worried but at the same time I feel much better now after I gone to church. Still, there’s no place like home.


I’m praying that the homily a while ago was the sign that I was searching for these past few days. Amen.


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