The Sunday Currently Volume 4

It was Sunday again, it means tomorrow will be another school week. Wooo! Thank God because we don’t have classes on Tuesday (December 8) due to Immaculate Concepcion’s birthday J Butttttt… I still have a lot of stuffs to do. So, I have to manage my time productively, no more siestas except for Kalyeserye, of course.

Honestly, my original plan for this weekend is just to take a rest and relax after a long tiring weekdays. But Mama reminded me about fixing my requirements so I can manage it on Tuesday, so I ended up cramming and pressuring myself to do it all this day since we went to Sucat yesterday. But (again), procrastination as its best, here I am currently:



Comments from AlDub Vines haha. Lakas maka-goodvibes ee. Grabe. Di magfefade yung smile mo kahit na ilang loops pa. I really loved it.



The Sunday Currently Volume 4


To Beb’s voice. Video chat ulit yiheee. Bawi bawi din pag may time haha I have to make it up to him since I’m so busy with some unimportant stuff which caused misunderstandings between us. Thank God we still manage to compromise with it.


Of positive thoughts. I’m starting to be a pessimist again, finding negatives after all the positive happenings in our life. It’s just that, if everything is fine, why do I feel there is something wrong? I don’t know. I just leave it to God. I keep on praying on those things to be on its right places.


My brother who’s fresh from the bath. Magkaroon ka ba naman ng OC na kapatid. Haha


To find all the answers on my questions.


For us to sustain this kind of lifestyle.


How He was able to give me a stint on my inquiries. I’m also loving (as much as I hate) this brain coz its neurons keeps on working endlessly, overthinking things that doesn’t deserve any of my time.



To do everything that I used to do. Drink, party with my college best friends, stay and relax on the beach. Ugghhhh. That’s all I need in this very moment. I want to enjoy sunset while lying on the sand.


Contentment. I don’t know if all of this is too much to ask for. I can’t even distinguish the difference between “Needs” and “Wants” nowadays. Maybe I just need to be surrounded with people who know what they have to prioritize.



Meh. I should be happy right? Not just for them but also for me. We She almost have everything. She provides those things that we need/wants. Hayyyyyy. Maybe the problem was with me. I don’t know. I want to clear up things. I just want everything behind these happenings. Where all these things do comes from? How she was able to get such money? I was just afraid of waking up one day that all of these and all of her assets are gone. And us, we don’t even know how we can help her because she almost kept everything to us.

Okay. I will just pray for it. That’s all I can do.



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