The Sunday Currently Volume 5

Perks of being a teacher 🙂 A lot of gifts from my students and co-teachers during our Christmas  Party. I never had this lot of gifts for the pas 21 years. I feel so blessed and truly hard work payed off! Merry Christmas!

Almost 4 more days before Christmas and less than 12 hours before Beb’s arrival here in Manila from Davao City. Guess who’s excited? Haha happy girlfriend here! After a long 4 months, finally we can finally be with each other again 🙂

So before anything else, let me share what’s happening currently:


Tweets about AlDub of course haha. My night is not complete without it. But I’m planning to lessen these habits now that Beb will be here. Time to make it up with those moments that we missed which I spend most with AlDub 🙂


My fifth volume of The Sunday Currently. We or I personally, had been so much busy these past few days due to a lot of stuff. KZer’s voting brigade for YFSF finals, family bonding (sort of shopping, sponsored by my sister as usual), class suspensions due to Typhoon Nona, registration for teacher’s license, third periodical assessment, checking and recording of projects, class and school Christmas parties. Yes, I’m that busy, there’s a lot more coming actually.


Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande (song is keep on playing in my head) though the last song that I listened to was Every Car You Chase by Party Ben, a mash up of Every Breath You Take and Chasing Cars. I got that song from Maine’s playlist on her blog.


How can I finish checking bunch of test papers while enjoying the holiday season? I want to enjoy everything before this year ends (and before the 4th quarter arrive) but at the same time I want to be productive and ready for the upcoming tasks.


My fingers that I used to clean my navel. Haha yuck. It was really stinky. Sorry so gross!


For the upcoming year to be as better as I expect/plan it to be. Now that Papa is already in Australia, I can finally have my own savings and of course I can put some of my earnings for charity. *Crossfingers*


To get back on my own simple self. i know I’m being too much. (I think, I stated it also during my last post. *sigh*)


My new theme and header made by my Love 🙂 His artistic/creative side never fails to impress me.


What I actually want (materialistically wise): Stradivarius Basic Sneakers.

But reality speaking, I want peace of mind despite of all the frustration, pressure and insecurities.


Beb.  I think he can put me back on where I was supposed to be.


Excited coz he will be here laterrrrr. Yiheeee!!!

I should be writing something about him or a letter for his birthday (Oh! It’s already his and our day! Happy 21st Birthday My Dear John! and Happy 27 month Beb 😀 ) See you later. I’ll be thinking of something that will surprise you for this days. I love you!

Thank you Lord!


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