Mood Wrecker

December 22,2013, 8:15 PM. Three more days before Christmas and 9 more days before this year ends. Finally makakatapos na naman ako nang isang planner. 🙂 It was just frustrating that I’m (we) are not able to accomplish some of our goals for this year because of work commitments. Unexpected din kasi.

Honestly speaking, I’m full of negative vibes this whole day because of what happened this morning. I felt bad on how Mama nagged at me just because I was with Beb the whole day yesterday. It’s his birthday and we had our dinner on their house, so what will she expect? I can’t really help but to cry, (I know she heard me weeping inside the bathroom) knowing that we’ve been away for 4 months. We just catch up from all the special moments that we missed.

I just didn’t expect that kind of reaction from her, I thought she’ll understand me knowing that Papa and her are also spending time away from each other. She always points out that it is natural for them because they are already married while the two of us are just in a relationship. But does it matter? My point is that, the loneliness and the excitement of being with each other after long months doesn’t vary if your in married or not. It is all about the feeling of longing due to attachment from each other.

Hay. I told myself that I will be writing a positive blog but I still ended up releasing my rants here. (I’ll just post a separate blog about the positive happenings yesterday)


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