The Sunday Currently Volume 6

Mamma Mia is Love 🙂 (While checking bunch of papers) #TeacherDuties

Two days after Jesus’ Birthday and here I am, contemplating on my plans for 2016.

While watching KMJS Best of 2015, I’m currently:

Updates from MMFF Awards Night on Twitter. Thanks to twitter for live feeds.


The Sunday Currently Volume 6


Twerk it like Miley keep on playing in KMJS haha.


About what can I push through for the upcoming year. Okay. First in my plans is to continue my stand in Divine Light Academy while I’m settling my educational plans for professional growth. Second, enrolling for national Certificate in Baking and Pastry.Then last is, applying for a Masters Degree in my Alma Mater. I have a lot in my mind but those 3 first.


Mark and Spencer’s Hand Cream in Lavender, a gift from my student 🙂


For my sister’s plan to happen according to what I expected it to be. (Pero ayoko nang mag-expect para di ako ma-hopia, nakakadisappoint lang -_-)


For Stradivarius Basic Sneakers to be available and for their employee to text me for my reservation.


Our simple lifestyle. We are not yet far from what where we started because we are still working on it. I think we are still the same behind those inevitable changes. We are just taking it slowly.


Peace of Mind. Lot of stuffs in running in my mind again. Frustrations on urgent plans, bucket lists and insecurities.


Calmness of beach. I miss seeing bodies of water. And I think that’s all I need before this year end even if I know it is impossible to happen.


Tired and sleepy with my paper works (A LOT).

Stress with my plans for the upcoming year.

Excited and kilig with KMJS best of 2015 featuring Baste and AlDub.

Okay, erase negative vibes and embrace good vibes. 😉


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