Hello 2016!

Finally, 2015 is over! Ang bilis ng panahon, ang daming nangyari this year, ang sarap isa-isahin (I’ll provide a different blog for that) but to sum up everything, we are all just blessed by him because I know we work and prayed hard for these things. It is true that without actions, prayers will be useless and if it is really His plans for us, it will happen.


A photo during Christmas Eve. Insert Papa here.

We also celebrated New Year’s Eve like this, though we don’t have picture because Josette already gone to work. Papa is already working in Australia so he is not able to join or even call us these holiday season.

I’m still hoping someday that we are able to celebrate both Christmas and New Year together with the whole family, no work or other reason to stay with their friends (Don’t they understand that this special days are meant to spend wit the whole family?) Anyways, they will understand and appreciate it soon.

So many things to be thankful for before embracing the New Year. 

  1. Reconciliation with my sister. We’ve been through a lot this year. I may not always (almost all the time) understand her mood and attitude that’s why I hate her. But now, I really thank God by sending her someone that will make her appreciate family more. She’s still lucky and blessed indeed, someone found her and helped her financially to support her dreams. And I also thank God for making my sister trust me.

Yes, she just opened up everything (not all) to me last night. I feel good because that’s all I what from her, clarifications and the truth behind all of these (another answered prayer). It was nice that there’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing. All the financial help comes from a good Samaritan which makes her realize how important the family is.

2. Still having Beb in welcoming another chapter of our life. It’s our second year of celebrating together. Like what I always mention, there’s a lot of changes and adjustments but what’s important is our assurance from each other. I don’t imagine myself being with other guy except him.

To Beb, I may always be busy, but my heart and future plans only belongs to you. I know we both looking forward for more achievements, goals and plans for this year, we just have to keep the faith and trust His Divine Intervention into us so we can do everything we want by His guidance. It times that we don’t understand why things are not happening according to our plans, give ourselves a moment of prayer so we are able to open up our wisdom and find His reason for everything. I will always be here for you Dear, whatever happens, let’s just continue dreaming and working for it until we are both ready to harvest the seeds of our hardships. I love you John 🙂

3. To my self! Of course, thank you for surviving another year Colette! Told you! Just pray for it and it will all happen at the right time. I’m just so proud of myself because I’m able to achieve my plans for 2015. Not all of course, hindi naman binibigay ni Lord lahat ee, but still, those things that I really cried and prayed hard for, was given to me. Prayers really works but it also comes with actions. God knows how I work hard and waited for so long just to feel all this blessings right now.

And for 2016, my focus will be more on professional growth and charity works. I don’t have my New Year’s Resolution but instead I will  be focusing on step by step accomplishments so I will not be too much pressured for pursuing so many things at the same time.

To Colette, continue dreaming, stop pressuring yourself, brush away all the negative vibes, and always remember that everything happens for a reason, sometimes you just have to find it for yourself. Turn those negatives into positive. There is always a way. If you want it, then chase it, work hard for it. And lastly, never stop learning 🙂

4. Lastly, to God. Without you Lord, I and we are nothing. Everything that is happening right now comes from You and everything that we will be having is also for You. I know You witnessed every pain and suffering that we undergone to, it made me feel so much happy that behind those sacrifices, we are able to stand firm and keep our trust in You. Thank you for guiding us on those days that we (especially I) almost give up. Thank you making us realize the worth of every pain, hardship and efforts. Without you Lord, I’m not able to appreciate these people around me, my family, friends, co-teachers, students, my Beb and some other people that I met and will be meeting soon that will also make me realize how blessed I am in being part of each other’s success.

May this year be a continuation of your blessings. Good health for my parents and my relatives, stability of work, and more courage, faith and trust in your plans is all I’ll be wishing, praying and working for this 2016. Thank you Lord! Much love from your dear daughter, Colette ❤


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