Our First Mountain Experience: Mt. Talamitam 2016

(Edited with Itinerary and Budget)

When I was a child, my father, together with my siblings were used to climb “mountains”, crossing bridges on the top of the rivers and doing some recreational adventures on our bukids just behind our house. And now that I’m in this no-longer-young-but-not-too-old age, I still miss those simple pleasures we had whenever we got the chance to be with nature.

So it’s just December last year when I really decided to start a routine of climbing mountains once every month since I also read some “budget climbing” activities which doesn’t require much expenses. Thanks to Mr. Justin Vawter for accommodating my inquiries regarding this activity. He suggested me to follow these Facebook pages (CLIMBER, DIY Travel Philippines, Backpackers of the Philippines) where I found some individuals and groups inviting for day trips and giving feedbacks, suggestions and tips on where tos and must-go places/ mountains. They were all accommodating just like what we experienced during our trek in Talamitam.

Even though I know beginners like me are much welcome to join their trip, I still decided to do my first with the people I’m comfortable with. Special thanks to Ate Jane for her experiences in Pico de Loro and Mt. Batulao, she arranged our schedule last January 31 for our first get together hike with our college buddies.

Reunited with my sister from another father, Ate Jane ❤

Saturday afternoon, we first attended the mass at Sisters of Mary, Silang, Cavite (where she studied and currently working). It was my first time to attend a mass on their airconditioned chapel. I really felt good surrounded by the simplicity of the students at Girlstown knowing where they all came from and how their lifestyle were.

Before the dinner selfie with the gang.

We immediately headed to Ate Jane’s house where we had our dinner and stayed overnight since it was just one ride away to Nasugbu, Batangas  where Mt. Talamitam is located.

At exactly 4am we left Silang and rode a jeep to Batulao which cost 60 Php for more or less one hour of trip ( I can’t remember because I slept for the whole journey).

Just-dropped-off-from-the-jeepney groufie before registering for the Mt. Talamitam hike

So to wrap up all of our experiences and lessons all through-out the traverse, I will just repost this blog from my boyfriend:


“Everything is worth for a try. Just like what these lyrics implying:
“if we don’t do something now, then we’ll know. If we stay too long then we never grow old.”
If I don’t try something new: I won’t learn, I won’t gain experiences. If I settle myself here, and be contented for the things I have, I won’t be mature for reality. And if I choose to don’t do any move for myself, I will be like water stagnant in a dead river: no stream for adventure (fortunately I’m not).

We are given the chance to love. We are given the chance to live our lives. We are given graces by God. We are given that life to explore. And one way to explore is to go with friends and do a #squadgoal .


A #squadgoal is a popular term used to describe the best things in life that a group of people having same interest want to achieve. In example, graduating with bffs or a trip to places.

Just this Sunday, me and my Baby, together with some college friends, went to Nasugbu, Batangas for a hiking. It is such an activity that became popular nowadays. I get interested in hiking as it’s something that would fulfill my dream to travel and visit places I’ve never been before.

This activity involves a mountain (obviously) and as my first climb, the Mt. Talamitam is I think the right hump for a beginner like me. Mt. Talamitam is in nature, has a low peak from the ground which will only take almost 3 hours to be at its highest point and 2 hours to go down (if you will used the shortest trail in the mountain). But of course, as a beginner I found it very high and exhausting to hike because of the distance we have to walk to reach the top. I feel tired knowing that I never used to walk a distance longer than the distance of from my home to TUP.
There are the struggles that slow us down like the slippery trails, and of course, the inclination of the land which adds to the difficulty of climbing the mountain because in nature, the gravity is pulling us down. It’s always contrast to the upward direction. The result, I feel heavier because as I climb to the highest point of the mountain, my mass increases (ang geek ko shet!)


As part of this experience, mountains are very perfect places for breath-taking scenes that are worth to capture and share. Aside from the experience the activity could give me, I also took this opportunity to see the world from a different view. I live in urban places of Manila and the most beautiful mountains I’ve known are those created by engineers and architects — buildings. I’m so in love with the beauty of nature and when I climbed to the top of Mt. Talamitam, I’m being more fascinated than ever. I feel being embrace by the simple aura of the earth. I get the kind of comfort I could never get in the city. It’s like I and the grass are having connection. I am fit with no adjustment. I am welcomed. I am being well-understand. I am no need to pretend. It’s a strange feeling I can never get from the busy world of Makati. And I love that feeling.


While trekking, I’m like portraying the adventure of Bilbo Baggins of The Hobbit of JRR Tolkien haha. We both love mountains at the end and we realized it at home. In mountains, you will encounter unusual things. Best example of those “unusual” things is the other hikers. They are very accommodating to each other through greeting. Every time na may nakakasalubong kaming hikers, they greet us good morning and ingat po which are really motivating. I find it unusual because I’ve grown never greeted by strange people. Yet, even my family never used to greet us good morning anak!

Isa pa, this flower hehe. Look a vagina with a big clit (explicit eh pero un ung naisip ko ng makita ko yan). It’s rare to see like that in Rizal Park.


To sum all, traverse is the most adventurous thing I’ve done yet since birth kaya ganon na lang ako kasaya at para akong batang natakbo sa tuwa dahil sa mga nakikita ko. The nature is really great. God is really the Man. We can never get these wonders life without His architectural skills.

(Author’s note: This made me feel a dejavu, we used to do this when I was a child, more or less 10 years ago. I never thought I can and I was able to do it again)


As you go further and get the highest position in your career, your responsibilities and obligations are getting larger.

Define your goals. The best way to achieve them all is to plan, put focus, and take action. Never settle until you reach every goal.

It’s not always too late to try something new in life. Sometimes late comers are the most successful in life.”


Groufie beside the cliff with our tour guide, Kuya Edward (the man in pink beside me).  Special thanks to him for assisting us, riding on our jokes and making sure of our safety. He even carried my large backpack all throughout the hike since he saw how hard it was for me to climb with my baggage.  I will not definitely forget how people treated us in this place, from the tour guide and his family (he also introduced us to his family since their house is located along the highway), the residents and the other hikers and motorist that we just met along the trail.

In addition, my favorite part is…

The Batisan. God! This is simply heaven for me. After long hours of trekking, just dipping my body in this cold water is enough to recharge my energy. It is also what I am looking forward to in every hiking, the side trips on bodies of water.
After hiking selfie, I still manage to smile after all the pain (#hugotpamore haha) Thanks to ateng magbubuko for letting us use their comfort room to change clothes. Yes! that’s how accommodating they are!

On our way home, we part ways because some of us are Manila bound, while me and Beb planned to have a full body massage first just near our house hoping that it would relax our aching muscles. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

This is me after the massage, it was just 7pm and I already felt sleepy. I need to regain my body since I still had classes the morning after.

Yes, everything is painful but I will definitely do it over and over again cause I know it will worth all the pain. Thank you Lord!

Mt. Talamitam Dayhike with Layong Bato side trip


4:30 am: Depart from Silang (2 hours trip if coming from Manila)

6:00 am: Arrival at Sitio Bayabasan, Register and secure guide. Start trek.

8:10 am: Short stop at the middle of the trek and have lunch.

9:00 am: Arrival at the summit, photo ops and enjoy the view

10:00 am: Start traverse to Layong Bato

11:00 am: Arrival at Layong bato, enjoy the water

12:00 pm: Depart from Layong Bato, go back to jump off point

12:35 pm: Arrival at jump off and wash up/ merienda

1:30 pm: Depart from Silang to Manila

3:30 pm: Arrival to Manila

214 – Bus fare from Manila to Nasugbu

50 – Tour guide (500/10)

214 – Bus from Nasugbu to Manila

478 – Total Expenses


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