Escaping Boredom

  Okay, I have a lot of ideas in my head and yet I’m here spending my time just staring at my phone.
I want this summer to be productive (and profitable, as much as possible) though I don’t want to pressure myself coz I’m tired of all those shits. I want to leave all my stress together with the end of my first school year (Yeah! I survived *assumes I’m done with my clearance*)

Actually I have a lot of stuffs to do or hobbies to choose from. I just don’t know where or how to start. (I already started some but there are still left on planning phase).

Hobbies that I already started and wants  to pursue more: 

  1. Reading self-help books (though I wasn’t not able to finish my last book because I became busy with the latter activities)
  2. Calligraphy: using nibs and waterbrush
  3. Monthly hike plus water side trips
  4. NCII class: Cosmetology
  5. Blogging
  6. Video making/ editing

Hobbies/Activities on plans: 

  1. Driving Lesson
  2. Swimming Lesson
  3. Dancing Lesson
  4. Piano lesson (Yeah, I’m willing to learn or study all of those) 
  5. Fixing/decorating my room (if hopefully I gotta have my own very soon) 
  6. Visita Iglesia or just visiting a historic church
  7. Ferris wheel
  8. Buy Soufeel Bracelet for my birthday (Err, I really want to buy now but I’m reminding my self to have the patience to wait and save first)

It was frustrating that I have a lot of activities to do and plans to accomplish yet I’m here stressing myself on negative thoughts. I can’t help but to pressure myself on achieving everything as if I’m going to die soon *knocks on wood*.

I know I’m capable of doing these things but not eveything on the same time. I need to convince my mind to relax sometimes and refrain from comparing myself to others. Being envious about other’s achievement will never help.

So Colette, calm down, plan and settle things one at a time 😁

PS: By the way, the photo above is a calligraphy of the name of my future husband and daughters ❤️ Incase I might forget my planned names for them 😊


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