February Trek: Conquering the Muddy and Rainy Trail to Buntot Palos 02252016

(Edited with Itinerary and Budget) 


IMG_4211After our first successful trek last month (Mt. Talamitam), we immediately planned our next location and that was the Hidden Falls located in Pangkil, Laguna. Of course I researched about it and found out that it wasn’t that hard to locate. It will just require an hour or two of “not-so-hard” trek (well, not for us) before reaching the vicinity of the falls.


That Hidden Falls is originally called Buntot Palos (Eel’s Tail) because of it elongated shape waterfall which is similar to a tail of an eel. We also saw some people fishing for some palos or eels from the water.


Just like our last activity, a night before the hike we decided to stay on our friends house in Silang, Cavite so it will be easy for us to travel as a group to Laguna. From Silang, we rode a jeepney to Dasma, Pala-Pala where vans bound to Laguna are located. The fare was quite expensive but it was worth it since the trip took almost 3 hours. The route of the van was just until Pagsanjan but since we are on a group (and its just our group who are on the van) our very kind Manong Driver offered a direct service to Pangkil Laguna (which took one and a half hour from Pagsanjan).

After some tanungan sessions from the locals, we immediately found where the vicinity of Buntot Palos was. We payed 30Php for the registraton fee then 600Php for the tour guide since we are 12 (300 per group of 10).


It was already raining during our journey to Pangkil but it also stopped when we started to ascend. Okay, the locals and the tour guide already warned us that it will be a slippery trek but they said it will also dry up soon as we reach the falls IF the rain will stop from pouring.



And unfortunately, the rain continue and all our paths are now full of muds. It became worst when we descend, muds and slides everywhere. It was a terrible experience for all of us remembering those near-death cliffs slides due to thick sludges.



Finally after long hours of walk, now a way down to the falls. We passed through a lot of slippery huge rocks which requires much care.
Still, after all those embarrassing tumbles, the view of the falls was impressive  (it was all our first time to see a waterfall). Just be cautious on climbing and going down on unsteady rocks especially if you want to go to the back part of the falls (which we tried and one of my best experience during the trek).


A small cave-like location at the back part of the falls. This is the best part, I swear!

The whole gang with our tour guide. 
The trek would be much easier during summer season and what we experienced was far of what we expected it to be. There is always a first time. At least we already know what to expect and what to do for our future adventures considering the weather and our safety.

Buntot Palos (Laguna Hidden Falls) Dayhike

4:00 am: ETD from Silang Cavite, jeep to SM Dasma Pala Pala (if coming from Manila to Dasma, 1 and a half hour) 

4:30 am: Arrival at van terminal bound to Laguna

7:30 am: ETA at Pangkil Laguna, register, secure guide and start ascend

9:15 am: ETA at Buntot Palos. Lunch and enjoy falls

11:10 am: going back to jump off

1:00 am: arrival at jump off and wash off

2:20 pm: ETD from Pangkil (same van) 

4:45 pm: ETA to Manila

7 – Silang to Dasma (Manila to Dasma: 51)

160 – Van from Dasma to Pangkil Laguna (special offer by the driver) 

30 – Registration fee

30 – 300 per group of 10

200 – Van from Pangkil to Manila

427 – Total Expenses


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