One at a time…

Is it just me who keeps on thinking and frustrating herself just to achieve everything on the same time? What’s with this adrenaline rush? Or some sort of persistent mind? Yung tipong pag naisipan mo gusto mo ura-uradang magagawa or andyan na sa harapan mo?

WTF Self?! Can you just calm down? Plan things slowly. It will all fall on its right places.

Never get tired of reminding yourself that  you will be able to pursue everything eventually.

For now, I should really start/continue my short term goals (investing on materials about my hobbies/interests) then on the right time will be the following long term goals:

  1. Swim or tour on best beaches here in the Philippines
  2. Travel one country/ continent per year.
  3. Invest on PSE/ stock market (together with its must-have: insurance, funds, etc.)
  4. Pursue business/ sideline related to my field of interest (e.g. Cosmetology, calligraphy, writing/ blogging, teaching and many more)
  5. Master’s Degree or Teachers’ Methodology (Doctorate degree, of possible)
  6. Own house and car, of course

Again, all of these are too many to achieve but not impossible. I just need to invest on education, trainings, materials and of course hardwork.

Keep the faith and trust yourself Colette. You can do everything, nobody can tell you what you can’t do. Patience is a virtue ✌️


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