The Sunday Currently Volume 7 


He is Risen!

Happy Easter!

Today is a reminder of our birth as Christian! Hallelujah!

It’s Sunday and I’m currently:

Facebook News Feed. So fckin tired of doing this every single day but I can’t help it.


The Sunday Currently Volume 7. Been a long time since I was able to write about this. A bit busy with trekking and attending Sunday class for Cosmetology.


Superhero by Rocksteddy (my brother keep on watching videos of El Gamma Penumbra performances)


About my savings haha. I was so busy with our monthly traveling/ trekking goals. I enjoyed it so much to the point that I no longer care about my budget. But now, I really have to limit my expenses since I’m the only one whose working here. (Lord please come into my father and sister’s spirit so they should start in finding job instead of just keeping their savings)

Another is about applying for work abroad. Maybe I should start it next month while I’m on vacation. I just want to try my luck. I also want to be aware on their procedures so I will know what will I expect soon as I really decided to pursue working overseas.


Argan Oil that is on my lashes and eyebrows haha. Vanity at its finest!


For this school year to end really quick. We still have 8 more regular days though I’m hell of excited on our Teacher’s trip at Laiya, Batangas (and I hate the fact that I will not able to enjoy it on a swimsuit since I’m surrounded by conservatives), I rather reserved it on our Zambales trek on April 15 (hopefully) 🙂


For a one week vacation on a beach. Even just me alone, I can buy that idea. (Someday I’ll travel the best, beautiful, peaceful and most secluded beaches/ islands here in the Philippines).


The pain on my knees and legs due to our Mt. Daraitan adventure the other day. It’s a kind of agony that I’m missing while we are waiting for another climb. This pain reminds me of how hard our adventure was and how we were able to survive it. It was a lovely and successful pain, after all.


Beach pleaseeeeee. Yes, I’m that obsessed with it haha.


A relaxing vacation on a province, preferably a beach front vacation house.


Sleepy. I still have an 8am official time tomorrow since the graduating students will be having their Thanksgiving Mass (Baccalaureate) at 10am then a general practice afterwards. (I remember that Ms. Dahlia will treat us on Baga Manila for dinner, that’s where I’m more excited though)

That’s all! Have a good night sleep and don’t forget to thank Him for this and for upcoming days!


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