So much happiness from this!

This was a quick night swimming on a clubhouse near our residence where we usually spend our day whenever we want to escape from a hot day. A great bonding indeed after some misunderstandings of my parents *rolls eyes*

Okay, I’m already planning to blog something/ some things that’s cluttering in my head. There’s actually a lot.

  1. Zambales Trip, which was already planned a month ago then postponed due to schedule and budget problems from my co-galaeras/ galaeros. But we (me and Beb) are still pushing through it maybe on Saturday or next week depending on the respond of our contact in Crystal Beach Resort.
  2. Climb for a Cause, I was looking for this long time ago since I started this kind of hobby, and it was just so right in time that I saw a Adopt a Student program from a Hikers’ group. If the group weren’t really able to push this Zambales hike, this will be our alternative, though God knows how I want to be in Zambales shores, I’ve been planning to have a DIY trip almost 2 months ago and it was so frustrating that until now it still remain as a plan. I don’t know what’s with than plan that there’s something that keeps me from achieving it. Okay, I’ll just brush it off, if it wasn’t God’s plan yet, then let it be. What’s meant to happen will find its way.
  3. Saving and Earning Money from my skills. I currently reading an informative blog/ ecourse about setting up goals and achieving it by proactively using your skills to be able to earn for your braver goals. It was interesting and quite what I’m searching for. I’m still on the process of convincing myself that I can actually use my pre-existing skills for a living. Woo! C’mon Colette you can do this! Get over with your business anxiety.
  4. Event Management NCIII. Next week I’ll be starting my free training of Event Management in Quezon City. So I’ll be staying there for more than two weeks but surely go back here every weekends because I also have my NCII classes during Sundays. Yes, I’m hitting two birds with one stone. NCII and NCIII this year. I believe that it will be a successful one. The downside is, no WIFI and no more vacations.
  5. Trainings > Earnings. I’m actually doubting on these trainings considering that I should be earning money this summer instead of spending again for studies, I’m quite guilty in terms of my expenditures especially that it’s still my parents whose supporting my personal needs and interests. But instead of being pessimist about it, I’ll just take it as a challenge, a stepping stone which I can use as a foundation of better learning and later on be useful in making the most of my skills as a source of income. I will consider everything as my parents investments that I need to prosper.

So there, it was a good thing that I’m able to sum up everything now. But it’s still unorganized yet. First thing’s first. 1. Zambales. (THE BEACH IS CALLING AND I MUST GO!) 2. NCII then NCIII 3. Saving and Earning. Again one goal at a time 🙂




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