Training over Wander lusting



My face right now. Thinking how I will be able to finish 5 proposals in one day because I also have my Cosme NCII class on Sunday.

Hi there! It has been a looonnnggg week for me (and I’m still expecting that it will continue up to the mock event and assessment day of our NCIII). By the way those stuffs I’m talking about was the Event Management Services NCIII that I’m currently taking up. It will be a two-week free training sponsored by TESDA (government agency) and managed by AC Careers and Training Management located at Transorient Building, Timog Ave., Quezon City. And yes, I’m spending my remaining 2 weeks vacation in Quezon City just to complete my training (no problems because we have a house in Project 3, one ride away from Timog).

Our class was composed of teachers (who are taking the training for the sake of ranking), industry workers (people that was already in the industry of Event Management and just want to have a certification of it) and those aspiring Event Coordinators. Well, I’m part of the 3rd one. I’m committing myself in this training not just for the certificate perse but more of the learning and experience in this kind of field which was also one of my interest.  I want it to be my part time job since I’m fond of organizing events and coordinating to different persons just to make sure a project or activity was accurately executed according to plan.

We’re done with the first week but there’s more. A LOT MORE. 4 Proposals (Personal, Corporate, Leisure, SocioCultural), 1 Draft proposal and props making for our Mock event, Researches for the events, Mock Assessment (preparation for the real one) in a span of 2 weeks.

That was all under the EMS Training, I also have personal stuffs to do: Blog about Laiya Teacher’s Outing and Zambales Trip with Beb plus a video compilation of that. I don’t know how will I able to accomplish everything considering that in 2 weeks time, our Faculty Development will be starting. Back to seminars and paperworks again. Thinking of all of these makes me feel exhausted already.

Despite of my busy schedule (Monday to Friday: EMS NCIII, Sunday: Cosme NCII, Saturday: RESTDAY), I still try to go back here in Cavite every Friday night then return to QC Sunday night. I also manage to have time with Beb since that was my stress reliever.

This was far off what I expected my vacation to be. Maybe those out of town trips are over for now (but hey! I’ll continue our monthly goals after these trainings and of course I’ll find time for that) and I’ll be focusing on professional growths like these. I can spend money on those bucket lists soon after investing on my priorities.

All is well. Things will never be easy but I know everything will be worth it 🙂 

PS: Dear Self, no need to get envy with your sister when she keep on traveling even if she doesn’t have any work. Yes, she has a lot of money, but it will all be consumed. Invest on more important things (like what you are doing) rather than just spending it on stuffs that will give you a temporary pleasure (reality check). You’re still young and you have a lot of chance to do the things you want to do and be on the places you want to go (besides, those places won’t disappear) and you can do all of that when you (and your partner) are ready 🙂 Trust in His plans again and continue working on success and in silence 🙂



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