Beach Bumming at San Narciso, Zambales 04242016

(Edited with Itinerary and Budget)  

Finally after almost 2 months of planning we are able to make this first out of town trip as a couple come true!
Zambales beach bumming was supposed to be Valentine trip for both of us, but because of some insignificant reasons (yes, not so important considerations) we postponed it. We focused first on hiking with groups. Then since beaches are in trend this summer, our group planned for a trek and island side trips this month which is isn Zambales too. That is the Mt. Pundaquit traverse to Anawangin then cove hopping to Nagsasa and some nearby beaches along the vicinity.

Weeks before, everything was already planned not until some of my friends had problems with their budget and schedule. It was frustrating as hell. Yes, I really felt bad about that cause when someone cancelled, everyone and everything that was planned got affected too.

And this was what happened.
But I didn’t lose hope. I told Beb that whatever happens we will continue the trip. We already decided for this months ago so instead of pursuing the Pundaquit and Anawangin, we pushed our first Valentine plan which was the Crystal Beach Resort. That was my first contact in Zambales. I immediately called them and reserved for a day tour for two, I also texted my bestfriend in Pasay where I stayed a night before and accompanied me to reserve seats at Victory Liner just near their apartment.

We are already boarded on the bus. It was really an advantage securing a ticket a day before the trip. Manila to San Narciso costs 295 Php (Iba, Zambales bound)
At 4:15 am, we departed from Manila and finally on our way to San Narciso, Zambales!
It was a long 6-7 hours trip (we thought it was just 4 hrs), there was stop overs on food shops then we passed through the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, Olongapo then San Antonio (where the famous Pundaquit and Anawangin Cove is located, obviously most of the tourist was dropped there). From that municipality, just another 10 minutes was the San Narciso where the resort was located. The landmark is the San Sebastian Catholic Church and you’ll also see some placards of Crystal Beach Resort. From there, ride a tricycle and they will dropped you on the entrance of the resort. (20 Php each)

San Narciso

It was already 10:30 when we arrived at the resort. Welcome!
Reception Area. I already made a reservation (according to them, they don’t accept walk-ins) but all the tiki hut and tents was occupied so we just paid for the entrance (What a big relief for budget travelers like us!). There’s free large umbrella seats offered for day tourists. 

Day tour entrance cost 195 Php, 295 for overnight, tiki huts and tents for rent (500 Php). They also have cabanas and  air-conditioned rooms for overnight accommodation. You can check their Facebook page or website here for inquiries, they are very responsive. It’s much better to reserve ahead of time for less hassle especially if you’ll be coming from Manila. You can call this number if you wish to, 09399393153.

Great design for patio! I loved ’em.
Beach signs along the way. This was actually the password of their WiFi. We just found out when we are already checking out! We should really asked for it before hand. 
White sand, tiki huts and the blue ombre beach. 

Since we stayed here on a Saturday, I already expected a bunch of people enjoying a short weekend, but their resort was large enough to accommodate more bummers. Maybe, some are crowding on the famous coves nearby, so it was an advantage to stay and enjoy on much peaceful shores like this. Best decision ever.

Umbrellas by the beach!
Waves on the Hues of Blue!

We didn’t waste any of our time and just enjoyed this perfect place for relaxation on this kind of season.

It’s now my turn to take pictures of my photographer HAHA
He told me he enjoyed trips like this more than hiking because it was safer and not so stressful.
Me on the waves. I told him to take candid shots of mine and this was the most candid since most are planned haha. 

I didn’t mind being exposed on the sun. (Thanks to sunblock but still hello to sunburns)
Photo ops while the sun is hiding beneath the clouds. HAHA (Hello kay ate sa gilid!)
Beach bumming at its finest!
So stiff haha the waves are getting higher on the afternoon. This beach resort was also known for its surfing activities. They offer tutorials 400 Php inclusive of trainer and surf board.
Sunbathing haha. My idea actually, just to have a picture together. 
Best moment indeed! #happiness

After some more skinny dipping and photo ops by the beach, we decided to wash up since we have to leave early in the afternoon because of a looooonnnngggg 7 hours trip way back home. Although buses bound to Manila are already available near the landmark/ church.

A week before our tour here, there was night parties for the celebration of Araw ng Kagitingan and in line with the summer trends.
During that day, they also had Palaro like palocebo and sand art making. This was one of the best and impressive as well.
Good bye Crystal Beach! It was really one of my favorite beaches. From the accommodating staffs, huge beach area, blue waves, amenities, cottages, cabanas and even their very nice and clean comfort and shower rooms.  I will surely go back here. Next time, I’ll never missed the sunrise, sunset and beach parties.
Had a short visit on San Sebastian Church, the landmark of San Narciso. We just thanked Him for this wonderful and successful experience together and also prayed for a safe trip back home.

So all in all, one thing I learned from this trip is that we are capable of doing things we really want. If you planned for something, make it happen. Nobody will do it for you but yourself. It’s okay to be afraid and doubt yourself at first but get over it. It’s okay to regret on things that you’ve done rather than regretting things that you never did. Another thing that I’m practicing on myself and one should learn to is the “word of honor”. Once you commit yourself on something, do the best that you can just to make through it, no if and no buts. Dream at your own risk and take no limits on achieving it.

For Beb, thank you for helping and taking care of me while we are making this dream beach bumming (as a couple) possible. There’s a lot more goals and beaches to achieve together. I love you!

Love, Lette ❤

San Narciso Zambales, Crystal Beach Resort


4:15 am: ETD at Victory Liner Pasay

7:00 am: Stop over at Pampanga

10:00 am: ETA at San Narciso, tricycle to Crystal Beach Resort

10:15 am- 3:30 pm: Arrival and check in to the resort, enjoy the beach. 

3:35 pm: Tricycle back to town proper and depart from Zambales

7:10 pm: Stop over at Pampanga

10:30 pm: ETA to Manila


295 – Bus, Manila- San Narciso (Iba bound bus at Victory Liner, Pasay) 

15 – Tricycle

195 – Entrance Day tour, 295 for overnight

20 – tricycle back to town proper

265 – Bus, Zambales- Legarda, Manila

790 – Total Expenses

Cottage rentals: 500 good for 6 person, tents 500, and cabanas/ room rental for overnight 1,500-5,000 






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