The Sunday Currently Volume 8

Happy Sunday! Behind those torturing expenses and stressing school duties, still a blessed life indeed. 

Today is Sunday and I’m currently:


My recent blogs. I missed doing this. Actually, I still have one blog to post which is all about our May hike at Mt. Maculot and Burot Beach, and I’ll be finding time for that.


The Sunday Currently Volume 8. I was fortunate enough to have time for this after all my busy schedule for work, study and our business.


Beb singing “I do, cherish you”, I really missed him big time. I was so busy with my priorities and I almost neglected him, but I know he do understand.


How can I have time for myself, even just a whole day rest without thinking anything? On weekdays, we already have a class and on Sunday I still have my Cosmetology class. Saturdays was supposed to be a rest day but I’m stressing myself on paperworks during those days since I have an additional obligation as a class adviser and it requires a lot of reports and responsibilities. I don’t want to think that it was a burden cause it will feel like that, so instead I consider it as a blessing just like new babies to take care of.



For a Me and Us time with Beb 😦 (and rest too.)


To finish everything on my classroom on Tuesday. Also, hoping for a good start of classes with my advisory class (Please be good to me *crossfingers*)


Our bonding time with family a while ago. I was so pissed of during our Cosmetology class because of endless expenses so I just took a sleep when I got home instead of going to DLA to finish my banners on ceiling but Papa invited us to have dinner on VEAL in front of SaveMore Supermarket. Then we just roam around the park nearby Sto. Nino Church. I really felt good on that. They are still my happy pill. Thanks for that.


A hug from Beb 😦 My birthday is approaching and I’m still not sure (but I will push through) of our plans for my day. Maybe just a Skyranch in Tagaytay will do since that is one of our goals since last year.


One stress-free day. (even if I know that’s not possible anymore, I’m still looking forward to that)


Dizzy already. We need to be early tomorrow. More tasks to accomplish tomorrow.

Be with me Lord. I need you. Thank you!