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One more month before the rainy season, all of us wanted to make the most out of this remaining summer season since my co-hikers was also not able to go with us in Zambales. Beb and I already planned for a day tour at Burot Beach Calatagan, Batangas but they requested and invited us for a hike so we agreed to hike first at Mt. Maculot which is in Batangas too.

I actually haven’t seen any day trip itinerary of Mt. Maculot and Burot Beach together because it was really far from each other. But just to satisfy ourselves of a hike and a beach day tour, we continued and made our own itinerary.

At exactly 3:15 am, we already left Manila through DLTB Lemery bound buses.
The travel was not so stressful since there’s no traffic and the sun is not up yet. We arrived just before the sunrise and we took a tryk to get to the registration area then from there the guide that we hired accompanied us to the jump off near this store.
The whole gang! Fresh, fab and more than excited and ready to go back to trail. (Not until we reach the stopovers haha)
Modeling 101 while warming up haha. Just kidding.
I already learned from our past experience that thou shall not underestimate the term “minor climb” cause it fooled me and my body many times. Almost all the trails are assaults, rocks everywhere, no handrails just little branches of trees. The weather is perfect, no sun at all, cool wind all over us, there’s a bit of rain showers but Thank God it didn’t continue to a heavy rain (our Buntot Palos really traumatized us).
The whole hike was composed of 12 stopovers indicated by the bamboo benches. This was actually our post on our 3rd stop (I think), there’s also some batch of hikers going up but we alternate on benches since it was really exhausting and it can’t accommodate a lot. The time of travel  from one station to another varies, like there are some that only took us less than five minutes while others are 10-15 minutes. We did a countdown to motivate us more to reach the last station immediately. All in all, it took as 3 hours to reach the Rockies.
A large branch of tree where they climb and sat. Honestly, this climb was not as easy as we expected. We just came from Mt. Daraitan less than 2 months ago, though it is considered as the mother of all assault, we more felt it here in Mt. Maculot. It was really tougher. All our legs are shaking and one of our members almost gave up and faint since it is her first climb. But of course, we didn’t leave her without the experience of the Rockies.
The view of Taal Volcano from the 12th stopover/ station.
The clouds/ fog on the summit. We never plan to go to the summit since it was more knee-breaking trek. And we also have a limited time since we still have plans to go to Burot Beach.

There are rope parts especially going to the last station, the soil is already eroded so we can really imagine how muddy and slippery it is during rainy season. It was really a big help especially when going down.
While waiting for the other to finish their climb up to the Rockies (the mountain where I am looking at). Together with me is our little tour guide. She accompanied us from the station 12 up to the rockies and back.
Finally! The view of the crater of Taal from the other side of the Rockies. It was so perfect, hard work payed off big time. We are the second group on that day that reached the rockies so we really enjoyed the view and the photo ops.
Beb on the other corner. T’was breathtaking. The moving clouds seems so near, the lake was so peaceful, even the the whole top of the Rockies, we appreciated it more since the place was not crowded and we got to enjoy the purpose of our hard time during the whole trek.

We had our lunch at the campsite before going down to the jump off. I highly suggest that you bring all the foods and water needed because the price was really expensive on the stores there. We descended after our lunch since we still have a long trip to Calatagan. The trail back is the same on where we passed through but it was fairly easy compared on what we’ve experienced when we went up.

Took a photo of Cuenca before we left and rode a jeep to Calatagan. Till next time Maculot! Big thanks to our tour guide, even if he is really not good in assisting us when ascending but he did a great job as a photographer haha. He took all our photos above.
After almost 3 hours to travel time from Cuenca, we finally reached the Burot Beach of Calatagan.
What I just like the most here is the wide stretch of the beach area and the sand. The sun is striking hot but we still manage to stay on the middle of the sea, submerging ourselves to the knee-length water since it is low tide.

Enter a caption
There was really a lot of people since it is a Saturday. It could’ve been better if it was organized properly but since it is a public beach don’t expect too much from it especially on their comfort rooms.

Almost sunset, the water level is still getting lower, the grass are appearing from the water.
Enjoying our last moment in Burot Beach. Another successful and unforgettable experience indeed.
Still no group name yet haha. IA means Industrial Arts since we graduated as Industrial Education major in Industrial Arts students. Yes, we are teachers on weekdays and hikers on weekends (or during holidays haha).
This trip can be much enjoyable if done overnight but of course there’s nothing impossible on the things that you really want (and if you are on tight budget haha). Like what we’ve experience, it was just exhausting especially while traveling hours from one place to another but it will make your adventure worth while.

So here is our actual itinerary:

Mt. Maculot and Burot Beach Day Tour

03:00 am: Depart from Manila through DLTB bus bound to Lemery (Buendia)

5:15 am: Arrival at Cuenca Batangas

5:15-5:20 am: Tricycle from Cuenca to jump off, register and secure guide.

5:20-8:30 am: Start trek (12 stations/ rest areas)

8:30- 9:30 am: Arrival at the Rockies, photo ops and lunch at campsite

9:30-10:30 am: Descent, Depart from Cuenca

10:30-1:30 pm: Travel from Cuenca to Calatagan

1:30 pm: Arrival at Burot Beach, pay entrance then secure personal stuff on the beach area

1:30-5:30 pm: Enjoy the beach, photo ops and merienda

5:30- 5:45 pm: Wash off, get ready to depart

5:45-6:00 pm: Travel back to bayan of Batangas

6:00-9:00 pm: Depart from Batangas to SM Dasma

9:00-10:30 pm: Travel from Dasma to Manila

147 – Bus from Manila to Cuenca (DLTB Bus bound to Lemery)

20 – Tryk to Maculot Jump Off

20 – Registration

70 – Tour guide (600/9)

20 – Tryk back to jump off

28 – Jeep from Cuenca to Lemery

130 – Jeep from Lemery to Burot Beach (Special offer by the driver)

30 – Environmental Fee

65 – Burot Entrance day tour

25 – Wash off (100 per drum/ 4 person)

50 – tryk back to bayan

130 – Van from Bayan to SM Dasma*

51 – Bus fare, Dasma to Lawton

786 : Total Expenses

*Note: Trips/ public transpo from Bayan to Manila are just until 3-4pm only. Since late na kami nakaalis sa Burot, tinataga na kami ng mga tryk driver, 600 good for 5 person pero until Lian lang kung saan may sakayan pa Manila na until 10pm. Pero di namin kinagat kahit na kinukulit at sinusundan kami habang nilalakad namin yung gilid ng highway. Nag-antay nalang kami ng mga jeep or van na papalik nadin ng Manila or anywhere na may terminal paManila, luckily may huminto samin na van pabalik ng Dasma na 130 pesos lang (real fare talaga from Batangas to Dasma).


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