I’m Capable

PMS. There are the moments of my monthly routine that causes severe depression where I just found myself crying like hell because I don’t really know where my life going and thinking as if no one really understands and can help on what I’m going through. Sounds pathetic and unreasonable but for me this is a big deal. It’s suicidal. 

So during my last encounter with this, I tried to comfort myself by watching The Feast Videos online. I tried to listened to the preacher just to understand and feel that there is someone that can help me. 

And one thing that I learned is on how you organize and motivate yourself on your goals. 

Bro. Alvin Barcelona, one of The Feast Buiders (I already met him during his talk on our Summer Faculty Formation last year in DLA Las Piñas) shared one pf his technique. It is by making your own dreamboard where you will post pictures of your goals on the wall where you can always see it. It will serve as your guide and reminder of the reason why you need to make your day successful. 

So mine is here. (Maybe when I already have my own room I will be able to post a lot of this on my walls) 


Serve the Lord through outreach program on isolated and needed area in the Philippines (traveling for a cause)

Give comfortable and healthy life to my parents and siblings.

Save money for our future.

Have investment and business.

Finish master’s degree.

I know I can and I’m capable but still Yours will be done Lord. 🙏