Independence Date

This day was supposed to be a Tagaytay Trip which we planned more than two weeks ago, but when me and Beb met at SM Bacoor, we just decided to postponed it because it was hot as hell outside. Haha sudden change of plan.

So there, we watched Independence Day 2, it was his suggestion actually because he knows how I hated sci-fi’s but I don’t have a choice, it’s his time naman daw to decide. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it . I also didn’t thought that I’ll enjoy it haha. (Okay, I’m not good in narrating stories, so I won’t spoil)

Basta, the animation and the plot itself is so good. Suspense, little kilig and comedy which I really loved haha. Yung tipong mas maingay pa ko sakanya habang nanunuod haha. What I don’t like are the aliens. Kadiri haha. Though they did a great part on the film itself.

I therefore conclude that scientific fictional movies aren’t bad at all. It will just show you something that is beyond your imagination as if you are on another world.

Today was also our first time to try Zark’s Burger haha knowing the line of customers that you need to wait if you really want to taste their burgers.

All in all, today is such a light and relazing day without much long trips and sun exposure.

And to you, thank you so much! I told you, whatever you want to do I will always be here to support you so keep exploring. Much thanks to your time too knowing how toxic our jobs are. I love you Beb 😘

I just love to share the verse of the day from Our Daily Bread because it was so timely.