Happy 1st Month Grade 7-Darwin! 

Congrats dear! You survived the first month of being a freshmen 😊 Nine more months haha. 

One month seems like years already because of all your requirements right? Haha well, welcome to the real world guys. This is simply reality. Don’t worry wala pa to sa stress and hirap ng senior high and college life. It’s a good training though. 
Okay, I didn’t post this to scare you haha, I just want you to know how happy I am that I also survived my first month with you as your adviser. I felt bad because I seldom visit your room since we just met on my subject twice a week, then during homeroom naman you are all busy with your lockers, so how can I talk with you? (Dramatic adviser here) But seriously, gusto ko kasi yung makakamusta ko kayo every morning, like matatanong ko kayo about sa mga assignments nio or if there are something that I can help you. That’s should be the role of an adviser right? But you are all busy so I’ll just give you that time. Incase there are still things that I can help you, don’t hesitate to ask me okay? 

So far, I don’t have problems with you yet. (Not to mention the incident with your Science subject haha, please kalimutan niyo yung takot, be participative and mag-advance reading para may maisagot)

Few tips lang, strengthen your comprehension, it means you should understand what you are reading and you are able to apply it without us telling you what to do. We don’t want to spoonfeed everything. And we hate that. Totoo. Malalaki na kayo ha. If you don’t know something ask, but if it is obviously stated then wag na magtanong, use your common sense, hindi iniiwanan sa bahay yan okay? Don’t forget your study habits guys. H’wag puro FB at laro. 

All in all, you’re doing good as of this month. No incident report or any serious issue so far (and hoping na wala naman sana, kundi lagot kayo sakin haha) 

For our birthday celebrants for the Month of June: 

Rhoda, belated happy birthday dear 🙂 You are one of the intelligent students in our class though you may not be able to speak yourself much often. Nevertheless, continue unboxing your potentials by moving out of your comfort zone. Explore and you’ll learn more!
Julie, happy birthday too. I may always notice you for being one of the most talkative in our class , it’s just my way of appreciating your active participation especially during discussions. I saw how you improved from last year compared to now that you are in high school. Slowly, you are being much responsible. You are striving hard to comply with your requirements which is a good thing so continue planting your hard works and you’ll be able to have a sweet harvest soon 😊

Thanks for making my birthday the best and memorable ever. You’ll always be loved and I’ll never forget that. 


Ms. Lette