Why blog?

Why Blog?

Three years ago is when I started making a blog. That was on another website where I post mostly my personal sentiments then it was just late last year when I switched to WordPress since I found it more useful and easy to customize. I tried to synced my past blog here but it clutters on my home so I decided to keep it separated. Then I just made it the public one which I can share on my social media sites.

Before, the reasons why I made a blog is just to  express myself more especially I’m a self-proclaimed introvert (I bet my friends won’t believe this) but that was true. I maybe talkative and easy to get along with but there are a lot of thoughts that I kept inside my head which I was just able to release through written letters.

But now, more of that reason, I’m trying to use this blog to preserve memories from the places and experiences that I’ve been to and through. Keeping pictures and writing the exact emotion that I felt during those times makes it nostalgic especially everytime you read and go back to your blog posts as if you’re experiencing it for the second or nth time.

I know some of my students are now reading my blog since it is already accessible to them. So I highly suggest if you are fond of writing or if you just want to have something where you can be what you want to be, then start making a personal blog. It doesn’t have to be grand, start simple. Make it as your daily/ weekly or monthly diary. Or if you know you are good at something then share it there. You’re imagination is your limit. It is your place and you can never go wrong with your own home, you can be whatever you want to be without telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. If you’re not comfortable with sharing it to your friends online then just don’t broadcast it. Everything is your choice. Be creativity.

Actually starting (and maintaining) a hobby just requires an inspiration. So try to find yours. Search for your interests or passion that you can share to others. You can also learned a lot from them. I’ll be sharing a a different post about some bloggers that ignites my passion in exploring and writing.

PS. If you are reading this and you already have a blog or you just created one or you don’t know how to create or start one then feel free to share or comment it here so I can follow and support you too 🙂


Ms. Lette