Filipino Bloggers That Inspire Me to Explore and Write

Here are some of the Filipino bloggers that keeps on inspiring me to pursue my passion in writing (first) then in exploring too. Most of them are travelers and already using their blog for a living which was also one of my goals. *crossfingers*

  1. #STUDENTGOALS:  Justin Vawter

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To him is where I actually learned about #BudgetTrips haha. When I first read his blog, I immediately contacted and message him on Facebook then he answered me! He referred pages and groups on Facebook that I can follow if I really want to push hiking or traveling. Then from that, me and my friends started that adventure and we are now have this Monthly Trek. He also share some reviews and suggestions from the places where he stayed. By his experiences (take note that he is still a student), you can learn that you don’t have to spend much money just to be with other places, it’s just about priorities.

2. #COUPLEGOALS: Kach Medina Undap and Jonathan Howe, founder of Two Monkey Travels Group

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Couple Goals it is! Jonathan is from UK while Kach is a Filipina. According to their website, they just met while travelling (you can read their sweet and inspiring love story and adventures together here) and they’ve been on a lot of places. Now they have this travel group where they accept contributors from their fellow travelers and bloggers. They are very generous in terms of information. Everything that you want to learn, you can read it on their page, and it was a big help for those who wants to start earning from blogging.

3. #TEACHERGOALS: Carla Guro (her name on facebook, I’m not sure about her real name hehe)

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For me, blissfulguro redefines the capability of a teacher in exploring things outside the four corners of a classroom. Being an educator too, I know how hard it is to be with a lot of students, bunch of paperworks and duties that doesn’t end after school hours. But she was able to spend her entire summer roaming around cities just like what she did this last vacation: she just had a Beach Hop around Asia, crossed from Malaysia to Thailand to Sri Lanka then Maldives as the trip-ender! God knows how envious I was, seeing all her photos in Instagram and Facebook. Ultimate teacher goals it is! She is an indeed living proof that your work should never be the hindrance in pushing yourself on the things that you really want to do.


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Just recently I saw her post in DIY Travel Philippines where she shared her Europe Backpacking Trip and there I was just inspired by this 21-year-old lady that has been in 20 countries around Europe. She also gave some tips on how you can enjoy traveling without spending much, how to pack stuff inside your backpack for an entire out-of-the-country trip, what are the things to remember whenever you are alone, roaming around a foreign city. If you are single and thinking of wandering your heart out of different places, you better check her blog and be amazed on her bravery.

5. Arriane Serafico

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While the four bloggers mentioned above are all about traveling, this motivational lady blogger will push you to turn your passions into investments. Arriane Serafico is the women behind Money Momentum Goals and Passion Funding Plans where you can turn your skills and abilities into income-generating projects. By subscribing into her free Ebook, you’ll be able to recieve frequent emails on how you can sustain your financial goals. She also offers personal coaching and online forums where you’ll be meeting some fellow bloggers and readers-turned into entrepreneurs. Best thing about her emails, you’ll feel the compassion and her intention on helping or keeping someone motivated on their goals. There are step by step guidelines that you can follow plus free charts or sheets where you can just input informations regarding your financial and business plans (like a ledger on Excel) then lastly, she’s very open for feedbacks on how are you doing on your goals.

So there! Feel free to check their websites. I know there’s a loootttt morrreee inspirational bloggers out there but these 5 was the closests into my heart. They are the ones that I really look up to. If you know some more, please share it below, I would love to read them too. 🙂