Jason Mraz <3

And I know my life is better
Because you’re a part of it
I know without you by my side
That I would be different

Thank you for all of your trust
Thank you for not giving up
Thank you for holding my hand
I’ve always known where you stand

Yes, I feel my life is better
So is the world we’re living in
I’m thankful for the time I spent
With my best friend

-Best Friend by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is heart heart. I so loved almost all his songs. I’ve been listening to his Yes! Album since I was in college, it was actually by the influence of my sister and now I can’t stop it. His music is digging into my heart. Every lyrics and melody relaxed my mind. Even though the tempo is fast, you’ll just find yourself enjoying the beat. And if you’re going to understand each meaning of the song, you’ll loved it more.

My ultimate Jason Mraz playlist:

  1. Make it Mine
  2. I’m Yours
  3. Butterfly
  4. Only Human
  5. Beautiful Mess (All from his 2008 Album: We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things)
  6. Rise
  7. Love Someone
  8. Hello, You Beautiful Thing
  9. Long Drive
  10. Everywhere
  11. Best Friend
  12. Quiet
  13. Out of My Hands
  14. It’s Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
  15. 3 Things
  16. You Can Rely On Me
  17. Back To The Earth
  18. A World With You
  19. Shine (All from his Yes! 2014 Album)
  20. Remedy (Debut Studio Album, Waiting For My Rocket To Come, 2002)
  21. Geek In The Pink (Mr. A-Z, 2005)
  22. Everything is Sound (Love is a Four Letter Word, 2012)
  23. Living in the Moment (Love is a Four Letter Word, 2012)