The Sunday Currently Volume 9

The Sunday Currently

Sunday again and it means tomorrow will be another school week. Wew! I may not be able to attend a mass awhile ago its because we already had it on DLA Las Piñas as a Thanksgiving Mass and Dr. Sese’s (School Head) 71st Birthday Celebration.

So I’m currently:


My timeline. Just scrolling Facebook posts by my friends and updating about our planned July-ender trek at Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Cayabu.


The Sunday Currently Volume 9. Let this be a weekly routine.


Deeper by Hillsong. This is what I need, calmness.


What ifs. I don’t want to be dramatic so I just brushed it off. What I was really thinking are my plans for tomorrow. Mondays are my free day at school so I manage to do all my paperworks during that day. Learning Plan, Powerpoint Presentation about Orthographic Drawing then back-up visual aids incase I won’t be able to borrow a projector.


For a good result on my laboratory exams. I was actually feeling bad since yesterday due to some issues on my stomach. I don’t know and I can narrate it here coz it’s so gross. Haha.


Again, I just hope that what I feeling inside my body right now ain’t no serious at all. I’ll be taking care more of my body from now on.


The weather 🙂 What a cuddle season it is! haha I enjoyed lying on my bed all day. This is what I need after a stressful week at school.


To travel or go somewhere while eating Gardenia Wheat Bread with Raisins (my new fave!) haha. Specific diba?


A healthy lifestyle so no worries with serious illnesses. Another one was a sideline, we are already working with the tote bags and drawstrings though we haven’t release it yet because we’re still collecting finished designs. Hopefully before this year ends, we can already sell it online. I’m also thinking of selling calligraphy materials and offer workshop for basic brush lettering and calligraphy too.


A little bit fine now after watching KMJS haha. AlDub is my happy pill, swear. My head is slightly aching maybe due to long exposure on laptop and tv. I’ll be taking a rest after this.

Thank you Lord for another week and still praying for a blessed one coming. Please take away all my negative feelings, I don’t need them now (or ever). 

Hugs and Kisses,

Colette ❤

“You’ll never know it’s possible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela