The Sunday Currently Volume 10

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It was actually a Monday and since I’m able to accomplish all my to-d0-list-for-deadlines, I decided to write this. My hands are just really itchy and I need to burst some thoughts. I was suppose to post about my The Feast Manila Experience and my birthday celebration which was almost a month ago, but I think this was the most proper thing that I can post for now. 

So currently, I’m:


Just recently (actually), I read a website about volunteer work in exchange of traveling. That was a must do for me, other that the out reach programs here in the Philippines. And good to see, almost all the reviews from that particular NGO in Vietnam came from Filipinos. It was a indeed a good thing and so far they just had a great experience staying and volunteering for work. Soon maybe, we’ll be able to experience that.


The Sunday Currently Volume 10. Just like what I’ve said, even if it’s Monday, I still manage to have an entry on this just to wrapped up some happenings.


Somewhere only we know by Keane. I got hooked to this after Maine’s drums performance and a duet with Alden during her Anniversary celebration at Eat Bulaga.


About business. Thank God we are able to finish and upload some bags yesterday. It was really not easy but I know it will be worth it. Still thinking for more sideline. I know we can do more.


To finish all my lessons before the First Periodical Exam. God! We are now rushing some lessons due to class suspensions and cancellations. I’m also wishing for a more successful cooking demonstration from my Grade 6 students.


For buyers! Totes and Drawstrings now available on our page! Our products are personally made and sewn with love so we can assure you its quality.


My positive aura this past few days. Maybe it is because of the movie Imagine You and Me that really brought a lot of happiness in my soul haha. They are so good and it was really nakakakilig super!!! I loved it. I love every inch of them. It brushed away all my stress and frustrations. Another one maybe is our experience with The Feast. I never thought I’ll be like this after attending one of their session and what’s more special is that I’m with Beb. It was a simple dream come true, worshipping Him with the one you love.


More time for recreational activities other than my job. I don’t want to get stuck on my job for the rest of my life. I want to enjoy more while I’m working.


Calligraphy suppliers for our business idea. Beb is already working on it and I just need to follow him up.


Happy and positive. I don’t know, I enjoyed writing thoughts much more than I do. I just need more time for this especially that I’m not able to do this on class hours.

Spread optimism, spread love 🙂

Colette ❤

“Creativity is a combination of discipline and a childlike spirit” – Robert Greene