Thirty Three


I know I’ve been busy for the past few days because of so many things. You may feel that you become the least of all my priorities especially now that we both have our teaching jobs. I may neglect you most of the time maybe because I have this notion that you will be the first person who will consider and understand all my reasons and you will always be the most proud for all my accomplishments.

Sorry for taking all your efforts for granted. I just don’t know how I can turn everything like what we were back then while we are just students. We are able to enjoy every single and simple day, as long as we are together. I know it is still the same right now, it’s just that we are now focusing on our future. We may not be able to see each other everyday like before but those short sweet moments every time we are having our Bebdays are what make every part of that special.

I just want you to know that I may be busy almost all of the time and I even forgot to ask how are you or how am I going through, you will always be the man of my life. No one can replace that in my heart. I’m this confident that no matter what happens, whatever circumstances may occur against us, there is no one that can replace your worth it my life. And no other man can give me this happiness that I felt since you came into my life.

I love you John!

To the man of my dreams, let’s take a leap of faith towards God’s better plan for our future together. For now, we just have to continue planting more and more seeds of hardwork that we will harvest very soon. And always remember how I have loved you before will still be the same towards the end of our lives.

Loving you unconditionally,

Colette ❤️

PS. Thank you for being the best chef, photographer, editor, life coach, bodyguard, listener, bestfriend, of course a life partner. God knows how thankful I am on every single day that I woke up and realized I still have that someone who cares for me like He do and more than I’m capable of. I love you my dear John. 😘