The Sunday Currently Volume 11

Despite of my long list of to dos, I still decided to take this two days for chilling and resting away from my paperworks. I’ll be doing those tomorrow since Monday is my Office Day (No classes for me)!

30 minutes before 10 pm and I’m currently :


Chats from my students. Some are inquiries regarding the bags that we sell and most are group chats from my advisory. (Kung gaano sila kaingay sa classroom ganun din sila kaingay sa GCs, haha but nevertheless, I love those kids 🙂 )


The Sunday Currently Volume 10, obviously.


Loud noise from TV while Papa is watching basketball.


On writing tutorials about calligraphy or maybe a video? This is inline with our soon to be business which is Kaligrafia: on sale lettering tools for dummies. I want our shop not just to be buying and selling, it should also be incorporated with “how-tos” since calligraphy is not an easy hobby but it is achievable to all even those who sucks in good handwriting .(Yeah! that’s true)


That I maybe able to finish my two Periodical Tests tomorrow haha. I don’t even have a choice but to finish it before 5pm. #Deadlines


For an out of town trip. Please. Sooner. Oy maybe just a tour in Tagaytay or a visit at Art Murals in BGC or just a quick roam at National Museum since it’s already a free admission.


My new pimple ointment from Belo (thanks to my sister). It is a laser cream containing erythromycin. It is one hell of a life saver. I’ve been suffering from acne outbreak for almost one month now. I already consulted from a dermatologist about that and thank God it’s completely healing now and that ointment also helped a lot since I was not able to take the last medicine that the doctor prescribed to lessen the inflammation due to its side effects. It became an exact alternative on that. I’ll be going back to the clinic for another check up and set of meds for acne marks removal.


New nibs. I really don’t like my nibs anymore because it scratches my paper every time I used it. It wasn’t good as it was before maybe because of the rust, I think. Maybe next Sunday I’ll be able to drop to ATC to buy some stuff.


More sleep. I decided not to sleep on the afternoon so I can sleep early this evening. Mama and I also spend the afternoon pampering at the parlor. T’was a perfect time to treat Mama after all the blessings that came to me.


Blessed 🙂 Every little thing is falling into its places. I was really surprise on how I was able to realize every bits of reason behind each happenings. I can’t explain it but it was amusing.

Let God surprise you on ways that you never imagined, Good night! 🙂

Colette ❤