The Sunday Currently Volume 12


This Sunday was an ultimate family day for us. We just got home from somewhere and just wanna share this before I go to sleep and fight for the coming week.

35 minutes after 10 pm, I should be sleeping but I’m currently :


Random stuff on Instagram. I wasn’t able to go online a while ago so I just checked it now.


The Sunday Currently Volume 12. I missed my last post because of our hike at Maynoba and the Macbook was on my sister.


My brother’s voice singing Hide Away.


A lot of stuff. Like, what do my parents feel and thinking now on our situation especially on my sister’s. Are they really happy for what we/ they have accomplished or they are just pretending as if it doesn’t even bother them. Everything was superficial for my sister. I can’t even recognize if we or they are still living with the reality.


To this thought to pass by and that I’ll be able to just forget about it. I don’t want my life to be stressed by this things that are out of my control.


To finish every single task that I planned to accomplish tomorrow.


My face now. It’s improving, no more bulk parts/ pimples. Though there’s a lot of acne marks that I need to work on with that’s why I need to see my derma very soon to ask for medications to this.


To complete the calligraphy set very soon so I can sell it already and share my tutorials with my friends online.


Peace of mind. If I can just stay at The Feast everyday just to lessen my worries…


Pressured about everything. There’s something wrong that I can’t figure out. I feel bad about something that I can’t identify nor share. I just lift it up to God.

This maybe one of my weird version of Sunday Currently. I actually have a long list of blog post but I’m currently on the phase of writer’s block that was just really due to “katamaran” haha. Maybe I’ll find time to post some. (Maynoba Experience, The Feast, Darwin’s 2nd Month, Marielette and Kaligrafia, werw! there are really a lot!)

I can do this!

Colette ❤