Darwin’s Second Month

IMG_0215.jpgOh yeah! Happy two months my dear! There’s a lot of happenings this past few weeks right? Let’s have a short wrapped up.

First is the NAT which honestly brought a lot of stress in me because I don’t know how can I manage you as my advisory class and my cooking activity with Grade 6. I can’t just leave my class due to the fact that I only meet them twice a week too that’s why Ms. Sarah and Teacher Nanette was needed to substitute for me. Though I still postponed our cooking because of that.

As time goes by, you’ll slowly figure out why it is not advisable for a subject teacher (not a Major Subject teacher) to have an advisory class, more than just a fact of not being able to meet them everyday is the incapability of take full charge on their level activities.

That falls on our second activity which is the Recollection at Bukas Loob sa Diyos at Dasmariñas, Cavite. We supposed to be the first batch on that week which is Wednesday but since it is my day for Grade 6 they moved us on the second day which is Thursday. That same goes on our field trip, it shall be scheduled on either Tuesday or Thursday. See? there’s so much to consider. But nevertheless, I don’t want to miss any single activity of you guys without me as your adviser.


Talking about our Recollection, even though I was busy at the back doing lettering of your tags on your phones, I was also listening intently to every single discussion of Ms. Sugus while my favorite part is your sharing. Yes, I already know some of your stories before but hearing them coming directly from you stings my heart. At your age, you shouldn’t have felt such things like depressions and anxiety. You are too young for those. You all have issues, but the most common are about your emotions because of some problems related to your family. It’s normal to feel pressured, unwanted and neglected but don’t settle for it. Don’t just sit on it. Stand and look for a positive outlet. Just like how Dylan cope with her situation, instead of being affected on things that she can’t control, she just focus on enriching herself and make the most of her time studying.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.59.15 PM.png

Guys, you are capable of that too. You are so young to stress yourself. Enjoy being a teenager. Don’t rush things. You’ll miss that phase of your life where everything is being provided still by your parents. All your obligations are just to study so make the best out of it. Unless, you want to grow up fast, work, pay your own bills and buy your own personal stuffs already, because your parents will no longer allow you to ask money from them. But of course, don’t forget to be responsible on every single decision that you will make.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.51.14 PM.png

The last and the most recent is the High School Integration. Did you enjoyed it? Well, it was actually pretty obvious. After that 3 days of team competitions, I hope you feel more welcomed now. But more than that, I want all of you to get inspired on how your ate’s and kuya’s take charge of younger students like you. What I want you to see from them is the sense of initiative and responsibility in lifting your teams/ each other. It’s not just about yourself now, you should learned how to help each other in both good and hard times. If there are negative things that you observed, just don’t imitate it okay? (Alam niyo na ngang mali uulitin niyo pa)

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.56.14 PM.png
Congrats to the winning teams! Next year is your time to lead the coming freshmen 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 9.56.06 PM.png
Next week will be your First Quarterly Assessment. Study hard guys. It will not be easy. That’s one thing that I can share to you. Tama na ang chill chill, take it seriously because I don’t want to see failing grades on my first time of writing grades on report cards, yeah it is my first time! Haha. I also don’t want you and your parents to feel bad when they saw your cards on our first IPTC. Please take that as a motivation.
And for our birthday celebrants last July:

(Belated) Happy Birthday Paula! Please believe me whenever I say you’re improving. I know how “mean” or *okay, thinking of a good term* “brat” you are before (sorry for being so straightforward but that’s how I define you when I met you). You even overpowered us with your attitude. But now, you’re being more mature. You started to be more conscious and cautious on your words or on how you express yourself. You are no longer the Paula that quits every time she finds an activity hard because now I observed how you try every single task even if it takes a lot of time and patience. The Paula that’s on Darwin now is the braver but responsible one, she never stops unless she finally satisfy herself, slowly being driven excellence. You have a lot of potential especially on English Oral Communication (I actually love talking to you coz I got to exercise my English too haha). Continue that spirit and confidence Paula but remember to stay humble and low profile okay?


Hey you little petite girl, belated happy birthday too! You are still the loud tiny girl that I encountered on Prolific last year. You actually never changed except that I appreciate you more this year because you also get matured a little bit haha. You’re doing good on academics though you seems so “petiks” or chill while chit chatting with Riza and Sam. It was fine as long as you still comply with the requirements of your subjects. One reminder,  please take care of yourself. Alam kong walang gamot na pampatangkad pero please kahit magpataba ka nalang, okay?  Don’t worry you still have chance. I was as thin as you during my grade and high school years. Just eat a lot especially on midnight haha, lakas maka-taba nun. There was also days that you’ve been absent because of your health so you need to work on that. You won’t enjoy life with health restrictions.  Take vitamins and eat healthy not junk foods. Sayang kagandahan if sakitin ka okay? Tiwala lang tataba ka, yung pagtangkad… masakit umasa. 
Ms. Lette ❤
PS. Non-stop rain plus bed weather. I know in this very hour, you are all wishing for a class suspension (me? a bit. haha as if we will not be asked to report to school when the class will be suspended) but we are running out of time especially in TLE, we still have one plate and one more written work so please advance study and practice Isometric Drawing. Thank you! Goodnight guys!