Darwin’s Buwan ng Wika + 3rd Month

Our answered prayer on the first day of September.

Another month has ended and it’s already September! Such a blessing to start a new month with this success. Again congrats my Darwin for exerting your very best to win the Sabayang Bigkas.

Just like what I’ve told you, I will always be the happiest on all your achievements but what made me proud even more is the thought that every single action and concept came from you and not from me (yeah, I suggested and added a little at the end but all the ideas from the start and until the end came from you). I told you, you can do it! You just have to brainstorm and help each other and not to depend on a single person.

Sabayang Bigkas is not my forte. I really hate it during my high school and college days because I’m not comfortable in performing in front of a crowd (though that’s my work now), so I really pushed you to conceptualized on your own. And I was really surprised that you did a great job. So every time they asked me if those are my ideas, I always told them “No, everything comes from them.” You impressed me, big time.


I witnessed how you grow from your immaturity during your Grade 6 days until now that you can stand on your own.


Your unity is what made you and will always make you successful. Keep that passion, learn to listen, lead and follow. Don’t hesitate to suggest ideas, never hate one another because you are just one. There’s no one that will accept and understand you but your group.


The secret of our everything, PRAYER. I was glad that it’s not me who initiated this kind of routine. Keep this faith my dear.


But again, remain humble and grounded. Every success or even failure was given with a purpose. Share your victory to others. If there are negative comments, ignore them. You and I know yourself even more.


You deserve all the blessings Darwin. God knows how nervous I am before and during your performance until the Culminating Activity. I hate that feeling (I told you, I have stage fright even though I was not the one who will perform) but I just keep it to myself because I don’t want you to feel nervous too.

Our boodle fight!

I hope we can celebrate soon, maybe after our payday so I can give you what I’ve promised haha.



Yeah I’m done with your beautiful report cards, I really made an effort on it so I expect you to beat my effort in making beautiful grades too. I hate to see you fail so please, study hard. This will be the last quarter that I will be your subject teacher so pretty please, don’t let yourself fail on any of your subjects.


Belated Happy Birthday Juan! I saw you improvement compared to your last year’s performance. Hindi ka na nga ganun kalikot tulad ng dati ee haha. Mas binata ka na kumilos ngayon. You’re more responsible now and  you strive hard to comply on all your requirements . But you can still do more Juan, just keep on surrounding yourself with positive and good people. Wag magpapadala sa mga bad influence okay?
Ganda naman this girl! How to be you po? Haha joke. Belated happy birthday Mica! Dalaga ka na ha, pero bawal parin magboyfriend kundi lagot ako sa nanay mo. Kahit naman sabihin naming bawal ee pag gusto niyo gusto niyo padin. Basta andito lang naman ako lagi para suportahan kayong mga anak ko ee. Basta wag lang papabayaan ang pag-aaral. You really have to improve your academic status okay?  I don’t want to be strict kasi I want you to be open lalo na sakin, no secrets. But along with that, I expect you to be responsible too. Use love as your inspiration to be better and best of yourself. Don’t let it ruin your grades. Study first!
Reimee!!! Belated happy birthday to the most silent white girl at the back of the room haha. Parang white lady lang ee. Kasi naman learn to participate okay? Bawasan ang pagiging mahiyain. You’re too beautiful to be so shy. Sometimes nagpapakaboyish ka pa. Improve your potentials. You have a lot of it. Dapat iniexpose ang kagandahan, be proud of it 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 3.58.32 PM.png
And to my President! Happy Birthday 🙂 Wala kang selfie maski isa kaya ito nalang! Hindi ako/sila nagkamali na ikaw ang pinili ng Darwin na maging president, you are indeed a good leader because you are able to make your classmates follow you. Ewan ko lang kung di pa sila matakot sa lakas ng boses mo but what I like about you the most is your humility that even if you are the leader, you don’t act like a boss among your followers. Please keep that spirit. I can’t wait to see you bloom and you can actually do more in terms of academics. Kaya mong maging awardee kung pipilitin mo kasi you’re responsible.

So yeah, that’s all! Starting this week you’ll be back to the reality of academics. Catch up guys. Focus na ulit. Bawi sa mga subjects. Don’t miss any of your written works and requirements because it will affect a lot on your grades. That single requirement can be a reason for you to fail so never take advantage.

From the most clingy adviser,

Ms. Lette ❤

PS. I’m looking forward to see more of your unity on the upcoming Palaro 😉 Darwin, For The Win!