The Sunday Currently Volume 13


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I’m back after a tedious week of workloads. First periodical test, Buwan ng Wika, preparation for second quarter lessons, projects and proposals, submission of grades, finishing of report cards, and a LOT of paperworks to submit, those was just school-related matters,  still have my personal stuffs that are still pending and wanting to be accomplished very soon.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m currently…


Reviews about Fotor Photo Editor because I’m planning to download a photo editor app for my Mac. I usually do editing on my phone but I find it laborious. I already have Adobe Photoshop and Premier for video editing but I can’t find time to study its features.


The Sunday Currently Volume 13. It has been almost a month since I published a Sunday Currently and I still have a lot of pending drafts to finish and publish.




On how I can find more time for my passion. I have a lot of plans for calligraphy like video tutorials and etc., I want to finish 2 vids and blogs, but my work as a teacher is so demanding especially that I’m an adviser. I even take home some workloads that was not so usual for me. Maybe this is already the reality. Quarter-life crisis as they call it. You think and plan for a ton of things yet your time is not enough to accommodate everything. But yeah, I know I’m not the only one.


For class suspensions and holidays  (so I can have time to do some personal errands) haha, just kidding.


For a prosperous Ber Months. Christmas is near and I’m excited! I still hope for things to fall according to my plans. Woo! Adult feels!


The climate. It makes me want to curl up on bed all day.


A camping or an overnight out of town trip on October, or anytime before this year ends. Just a treat to myself.


Morreeeeee timeeeee for everythingggggg.


Meh. I’m not on the mood haha. I just feel the need to write about something.

Back to reality this coming week then 1st IPTC on Saturday means another one day rest next week. *Sigh*

Colette ❤