Maynoba Circuit, Tanay, Rizal 07302016


Trailhead: Brgy. Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal

LLA: 14°36′22.4′′N, 121°25′18.6′′ E, 728 MASL (+470m)

Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-3 hours

Specs: Minor hike, Difficulty 3/9 (Summit); 4/9 (Loop hike), Trail class 1-4

Features: Sea of clouds, scenic views of the Sierra Madre, waterfalls

(Credits to Pinoy Mountaineer)

Our month won’t be complete without a hike so weeks before we planned to conquer this two famous and newly opened mountains in Tanay, Rizal. It’s not actually our first time to hike around the vicinity of Tanay since we’ve been at Mt. Daraitan last March 24, 2016 though we rented a van going there because we’re not that familiar yet on the place.

But this time, we decided to commute as early as 1 am. We had our meet up at Starmall Shaw, the meet-up place of hikers since there are terminal of vans and jeepneys there going to Tanay. It was a byaheng-langit-kind of trip knowing the way going to Rizal. Haha we still enjoyed it, by the way. They dropped us to Batangasan then we hired a tryk to Brgy. Cayabu which was another buwis-buhay trip since the road was completely dark, bumpy and mostly unpaved especially from the gate of Brgy. Cayabu to Mar-Nings Resort, the registration area.

It was almost 5 am when we arrived at the jump off point and started the trek.


It was completely dark when we start ascending. Thank God our flashlights are ready. We passed through a rice field then a LOT of assault, caps lock para intense. Yes, when I say a lot, I really mean it.

We are all cautious with the weather because it was raining all afternoon in Manila so we expected that there will have some rain showers too in Tanay but surprisingly, there’s none. 15 minutes after we started, we are all exhausted. Total humid surrounded us even if it’s just still 5 o’clock in the morning. We are sweating really hard and we can’t feel any cold breeze from the trees around us. It was so unusual, our knees are shaking, but we have no choice but to continue the hike.


This is the view that will welcome you at the not-so-middle part of the hike to Cayabu. We are all excited to see the sea of clouds that’s why we did not rest that long and continue heading up immediately even if the sun is still sleeping. This is also to avoid the traffic, sea-of-crowds and the scorching heat of the sun when going up to the summit.

Summit of Mt. Cayabu

Almost an hour after, we reached the summit of Mt. Cayabu. It was not that overwhelming because it just looks like a usual resting area along the trail. If there’s no tarpaulin, we won’t recognize that it was the peak already. We just took a rest for a while then we continue going to the second summit, which is the Maynoba.

The peak of Mt. Cayabu from the trail to Maynoba.
This is how most the trail looks like.
Talahiban, these grass are as tall as this and scratched our skin since we didn’t wear long sleeves. There’s more of this while approaching near to the summit.
Finally! we arrived at the summit after almost 2 hours of endless assault.
Sea of clouds. This did not fail to impress us.
The Sierra Madre Ridges.
Hazel, our great videographer and the ridges behind her.
Ciao’s grave. He was the dog who died last May due to heat stroke.
Another dog named Summit. He was a pet here in Maynoba and accompany some hikers for a food. Don’t worry about him, he’s really friendly.
After some photo ops, we decided to take our lunch at the summit.

We’re lucky because we arrived early at the peak, though there are few hikers already, we still enjoyed the view and have some our own picture taking with the sea of clouds. No sea of crowds, fine weather and plenty of clouds, this was the reason why we really decided to start early.

This was taken at the top of aboulder few meters from the summit. Actually, you don’t need to do buwis buhay shots here just to have a good pictures with the clouds.

After this, we just asked our tour guide to accompany us on one of the 8 waterfalls near the jump off point since we are all tired walking on assault for hours. We don’t have picture already because again, we are just exhausted and everyone wants to take a rest and dip on cold water. After an hour, we head back to the jump-off point.

After hike selfie and snack on a carinderia at the gate of Brgy. Cayabu while waiting for a jeep to Cogeo. Ihaw ihaw here is a must try.

We rode a jeep going to Cogeo then since we felt it was still early to go home we decided to have a side trip at Antipolo church. So from Cogeo, we rode another jeep going to Antipolo church. It was my first time to visit the church since I was not able to join Alay Lakad activities during the Holy Week. I felt good (even though there was a burial mass during our visit haha). I just thanked God for a safe hike then after that another merienda time inside Victory Shop.

The busy city of Antipolo.

From Antipolo, it was an another tricycle going to Pinto Art Museum but it was getting late so we just decided to go home. Below are our exact itinerary and budget (food excluded).

Exact Itinerary

0100 Meet-up at Starmall Shaw

0230 Departure to Batangasan Junction Tanay, Rizal

0330 Arrival at Batangasan, hire tricycle to Brgy. Cayabu, ETD to Maynoba trailhead, jump off point

0445 Arrival at Maynoba jump-off point, secure guide and start trek

0530 Arrival at Cayabu Peak

0545 Continue with loop hike

0630 Arrival at Maynoba Peak, enjoy the view, picture sessions, lunch

0730 Proceed to falls

0815 am Arrival on one of the falls, dip and enjoy water

0845 Trek back to trailhead

1030 Arrival at jump off point, tidy up

1100 Tricycle back to Brgy. Cayabu gate

1200 Arrival at Brgy. Cayabu gate, Jeep to Cogeo

1400 Arrival at Cogeo, jeep to Antipolo church

1415 Quick visit and roam around Antipolo Church, merienda at Victory Mall

1600 Head back to Manila, Jeep to Cubao

1900 Arrival to Cubao

Budget Breakdown:

58 – Jeep from Starmall to Tanay

125 – 500/4 Tryk to Brgy. Cayabu

25 – Registration Fee

100 – Guide fee Php 500

20 – Banlaw

63 – 250/4 Tryk from jump off to Brgy. Cayabu gate

28 – Jeep from Cayabu to Cogeo

7 – Cogeo to Antipolo Church

48 – Antipolo to Cubao

Php 474 : Total Expenses

Still, Rizal is a place for  every person wants to start traveling because it has plenty of places to offer. All the scenic views are accessible at the metro and budget friendly. Though we haven’t gone to some of the best location yet, maybe it was the perfect reason why we still need to go back to this province.