Mt. Buntis, Maragondon, Cavite 08292016

Maragondon, Cavite
Jump-off (Mt. Buntis): Kaingin Hanging Bridge, Maragondon
LLA: 280m (Mt. Buntis; unverified); 100m (Mt. Nagpatong)
Days required / Hours to summit: Half day / 1.5-2 hours (Mt. Buntis)
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-2
Features: Historical sights, bird sanctuaries, views of Mariveles

(Credits to Pinoy Mountaineer)

This trip was supposed to be a Mt. Marami trek but due to inclement weather in Manila (a bit in Cavite but only every afternoon), our friends/ co-hikers call off their participation so me, Beb, Ate Jane and Kuya Phet decided to hike at Mt. Buntis and Mt. Nagpatong instead since Mt. Marami was a bit unsafe during rainy season according to the blogs that I read.

We already slept at Silang a night before because we thought it is much easier for us to reach Maragondon from Cavite rather than from Manila. But it also took us almost 2 hours of cutting trip, from Silang we rode a bus (or it can also be a jeep) to Pala-Pala then another jeep going to Trece Martires since the jeep terminals going to Maragondon are located there, we  alight at the crossing then ride a tricycle to the Municipal hall of Maragondon (fares are listed below on the budget). So generally, it is still much advisable to ride provincial buses bound to Ternate via Cavitex from Coastal Mall terminal then just ask the conductor to drop you off on Maragondon crossing which costs around 70-80 Pesos, I think,. Lessons learned.



Enjoying the bridge with the group. 
The fields.
More rice fields and paddies.
Since it is a rainy season, we already expected a muddy trek but thank God it was not as suicidal as what we’ve done at Buntot Palos last February. We still feel safe because most if the trails are flat lands surround by rice fields, no cliffs and slippery assaults. 
We also had a frequent cool leg-length river crossing, which was one of the most exciting part of the trek. 
They enjoyed the river more that I did, I have this fear of cloudy or translucent bodies of water where I can’t see what’s behind those water.


We passed through this river for 4-5 times I think, it was that long. Then we returned when going to the barangay hall.


I can’t find a good spot for pictures so I just pose on this rock haha. I’m still not that brave to stand and do buwis buhay poses.
My photographer’s turn 🙂
A bird’s eye view. There are trees behind the rock so it was really difficult to get a picturesque view of the sightings down from the mountain.
Ate Jane and the views behind her. 
We had our rest and lunch here together with another group of hikers which are from Bacoor City too.

After our lunch, we decided to head back to the jump-off point.

Can you guest who has the muddiest and the cleanest sandals?
Savoring the hanging bridge while taking “relationship goal” kind of photo with Beb. 😀




After hike selfie, yes it was just the four of us (our first time to hike this few) but it feels good and safer too. 
After washing up, our tour guide showed us this religious wall sculptures which is a must-see on their place.
An eagle, Mother and Son, Jesus’ Face and The Last Supper sculptures on the left side.
La Pieta
The Last Supper
Jesus Carrying the Cross. 

We are supposed to proceed to Mt. Nagpatong where Bonifacio’s shrine is located,but since we are all tired and the guide told us that it will took us another 2-3 hours to complete the hike, we just decided to visit Bonifacio’s museum instead.

Unfortunately, it was closed because again it was a holiday.
For a girl who was raised on a province, this was a usual thing but not for Beb haha. 😀

All in all, it was the most chill (and the cheapest) or pabebe hike that we ever had. According to the locals, hikers are more frequent during Bonifacio Day since this location was known for a historical purpose, it is where Bonifacio was executed (they are still arguing if it was on Mt. Buntis or Mt. Nagpatong). It was not as famous as those mountains that offer much breath taking views, sea of clouds and good for buwis buhay shots but nevertheless, Mt. Buntis is for someone who hikes to escape from the fast-pacing, toxic and suffocating environment down the hill.

Below are our itinerary and budget breakdown:


0400 Departure

0550 Arrival at Maragondon, Register and hire guide

0615 Start trek

0830 Arrival at the Peak, Rest and Photo ops

0900 Start descent

1115 Arrival at the Hanging Bridge

1200 Arrival at the Brgy. Hall then wash up

1220 Visit at Wall Sculptures and Bonifacio’s Museum

1230 Departure at Maragondom

0200 Arrival at Bacoor City, Cavite

Budget Breakdown

10 – Bus from Silang to Pala-Pala

16 – Jeep from Pala-Pala to Trece

22 – Jeep to Maragondon

20 – Tryk to Municipal

150 – Guide 600/4

20 – Ligo

55 – Bus from Maragondon to Bacoor

293 – Total