Semestral Break <3 or </3

After 5 months of non-stop teacher duties and  paperworks, this one week break is a breathe of fresh air from all the toxic that we inhaled for the past months. Last year, semestral break lasted only more or less 5 days and now it is a 10-day away from school pressure.

So what am I gonna do for this week? Sleep? Relax? or just watch movies? Nah. My brain won’t agree with that. She keeps on telling me to do the following for the next 6 days:

  1. Go to Quezon City to get my CARS and NCIII.
  2. Make 4 video compilation of our recent travel/ hike from July-October.
  3. Blog about our September hike at Pico de Loro.
  4. Blog about Darwin’s 4th and 5th Monthsary + Fieldtrip.
  5. Blog about our October beach bum at Masasa and month-long anniversary celebration.
  6. Finish my letter for Beb.
  7. Organize customers and recent orders details of Kaligrafia.
  8. Do drills and calligraphy works.

Please tell me how will I survive with this kind of brain? It was not as cooperating as I expected it to be. For almost a month now, I’m experiencing a sort of writer’s or blogger’s block, where you can’t grasp all your ideas into one, that’s why I’m buried with a lot of drafts (actually all of it was on my head, I didn’t even bother to write patches of ideas somewhere). I not sure if that was really problem or it is just me and my laziness, because I have this ideas but I just don’t know how will I organize it into a concrete composition.

Sigh. Still hoping that I’ll be able to seize everything tomorrow.