50 Random Things About Me

Influenced and encouraged by my dear friend Yhda 🙂 Just right coz I just had my 50th post this day. So here.

  1. I’m an ambivert. My orientation to people depends on their attitude and actions.
  2. Claustrophobic, I hate dark and enclosed space. That’s why whenever my mom asked me to have my own room, I refused not to.250px-Claustrophobia.jpg
  3. Water is my comfort zone. Beach, sand, clear blue skies is life. DCIM100GOPROGOPR5742. Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
  4. I have this fear of underwater creatures especially coral reefs, slightly opposing to my love for bodies of water.
  5. I don’t eat smelly foods especially everything with bagoong. My nose is very sensitive.
  6. I love cakes as much as I love ice creams which I inherited from my mom. Sweet tooth 🙂
  7. I’m a dominant person and sometimes being misunderstood by the way I speak and command people.
  8. I’m a good listener and loves to give advice.
  9. I love song compilations from different artist or bands, started with Christian Bautista, MYMP, KZ, Jason Mraz, Boyz II Men and now, Coldplay. I even downloaded their whole album and best song playlist then listen to it continuously all through out the day.
  10. I never been on a ferris wheel.
  11. My favorite music instrument is piano, though I don’t know how to play one, but I’m willing to learn.
  12. I’m a frustrated dancer.h-d.gif
  13. I have this mood swing/ depression or stress thingy that freaking the hell out of me for a week every month. I just cry for uncertain things. (PMS that I can’t control I think)PMS_PICTURE.png
  14. I’m a family and future oriented person.
  15. I talk and move fast.
  16. I love to multi-task. I can do two things at the same time, like singing while writing or listen to music while reading, and vice versa.200_s.gif
  17. My voice sucks.
  18. I don’t like being with the person I hate on a same room or space. It has the same feeling of someone strangling me.
  19.  I’m sensitive. I easily get mad or disrupted with offensive words and much especially when someone shouted at me.
  20. I’m paranoid and tend to overthink things.
  21. I’m good at reading people’s mind by the way they speak and react.
  22. I’m not a secret keeper. But I can be someone you can trust. How ironic right? haha
  23. For me, first impressions last.
  24. I have an illegible handwriting, but currently practicing calligraphy for improvement.
  25. I’m not into consistency. I tend to switch ideas and forms on the way I dress, speak, act, write and the such.
  26. I’m keen about details.
  27. I’m frugal and very particular in terms of my expenses, especially now that I’m working. I even compute ratio differences of product’s measurements and its prices on malls and grocery stores before buying something.
  28. Pen and diary is my forever weapon everyday.
  29. I dream of my self in different beaches around the world.
  30. I have fear of heights but I enjoyed hiking mountains.
  31. I have a weak heart, medically speaking (not even a hugot).
  32. I hate ghost so I don’t watch suspense or horror movies. I enjoyed disney movies instead or sweet flicks.
  33. I’m an hopeless romantic person.
  34. I’m not a fan of any fantasy or sci-fi movie/ novel or book series like Harry Potter and the such. I preferred 50 shades of Grey more (which was the first and last trilogy that I finished so far) or self-help or how-to books.
  35. I can love a person unconditionally.
  36. I have a great conscience. I easily get guilty on things that I haven’t done or planning  to do yet.
  37. I don’t easily forget illogical actions. Like if someone did something bad against me or someone I love, I can forgive him but I prefer not talking to him anymore. (I just hate people who treat you like they never did something wrong)
  38. The last time my parents saw me crying was in 2008. I don’t like getting caught crying. I feel so embarrassed.
  39. I love teddy bears.
  40. I’m not fond of flowers.
  41. Nude and gray are my sexy colors.
  42. I used to love skirts when I was a kid but now I prefer dresses.
  43. I formerly had an obsession with lipsticks and heels but now it was more on calligraphy materials and swimsuits.
  44. I can’t stay at home for one week without doing anything.
  45. Lugaw and grapes are my comfort foods, besides chocolates and ice cream.
  46. Passion that I want to pursue is free diving.

    (C) Gen Abanilla
  47. When I was a child (12 yrs old, if I’m not mistaken), my first rule that I gave to myself in choosing a guy is his religion. He must be a Catholic.
  48. I don’t tolerate things I find illogical.
  49. I love jewelries with cross pendant or accent, my dream pendant is one that can only be bought originally in Italy.


50. I always wanted to have a tattoo on my ribs or torso and a belly button or navel ring. (But I know my mother and boyfriend will hate me if I had one)


If you have something similar to mine, feel free to comment down 🙂