Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island, Batangas 10292016 (Updated Guide 2018)

It was April this year when I have read a blog about this secluded island in Batangas. But due to our prior plan in Zambales, I disregarded it first. Another thing, I was so used to be in resorts of Batangas so I assumed it was just like the usual beaches near Cavite. I also wanted to try much farther shorelines aside from what we been to here in Manila. And there, I regret underestimating its beauty.

So after reading more blogs and posts on pages about this island, I really decided to push through this just right for our third anniversary celebration. It was supposed to be an October 22-23 trip but due to class suspensions and typhoons, we moved and do it exactly on our semestral break (perks of being a teacher *winks*).

I already packed my bags two days before, not because I’m excited (ahm okay, a bit) but because we had a fieldtrip a day before at Bataan and Subic. We departed from Duty Free Subic at 5:50 pm then arrived in Cavite at almost 10:00pm (waited for some parents to fetch their kids) then at 11:00, we’re finally able to go home. For my case, I just dropped my bags at home then get my other bag intended for an overnight Masasa trip with Beb. Thank God, he is able to fetch me from DLA then accompany me going to their house where we prepared our food.

After organizing everything and taking a short nap, we then proceeded to Buendia bus station, DLTB to be exact, bound to Batangas Grand Terminal. I was just asleep on the whole two and a half ride. From Batangas Grand Terminal, we rode a jeep going to Anilao Port (there are two ports to choose from going to Masasa, Anilao/Mabini Port during Amihan season and Talaga Port during Habagat season). Another 1 and a half hour of trip (not sure though, I was again, asleep on the whole trip) going to the port.

We are told that the first trip of the boat is 9 am but in our case, we are already on board at 7:30 am then the boat depart at 8:00 am, just when the boat got full. Another thing that I loved about my experience in this port is the strict compliance of the boat men and passengers on the rules of their coast guards like wearing of life vest by each passenger and its boat capacity.

The passenger/ cargo boat going to Tingloy Island

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After a smooth one hour ride of boat, we arrived at Tingloy Island. From there, we rode a tricycle going to the jump-off point of Masasa.

From the jump-off point, we had a 5-10 minutes walk into rice paddies before we arrived at the Masasa shore. We immediately set-up our tent and had our lunch first though I was really excited to dip on its cold water. After lunch, we secure all our things than started exploring the beach.

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Look whose enjoying the beach more? Haha

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Much needed vacation and reward after an exhausting 4-month non-stop teacher duties.

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Beb’s epic hair HAHA.

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Not so white and fine creamy sand but much better on other beaches that we had been to.

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His “Habulin-mo-ko” pose.

Masasa has a long stretch of shore where campers can pitch their tent for free. For comfort rooms, you can ask and pay on locals to use theirs. They are very accommodating, super. You’ll never feel intimated nor shy because they even offer some help. There are also sari-sari stores, one that we’ve been loyal to is with Aling Mercy. She has the nearest store and she’s the one who cooked our rice for dinner where we just paid 20 pesos for a large cup. You can ask for their service for minimal fee, not overpriced yet. That was so rare for a discovered tourist spots not to take advantage of its visitors. Maybe that’s the reason why this place really touched in my heart.

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In the afternoon, there are still boats docking on the shores loaded with passengers. They also offer snorkeling, island hopping and other water activities.

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Our first overnight beach camp experience after 3 years of being together now.

After taking a short nap again beside our tent (I can’t sleep inside so I did it outside haha), we decided to search and explore the Mini Lagoon. It was on the right side facing the beach (stupid us, we go to the opposite side first haha).

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The Mini Lagoon. It was fascinating. If I just knew earlier where it was located, then I have gone here before hand. That was actually the reason why I want to go back to this beach. So for those who are planning to go here, you’ll enjoying this lagoon more in the morning because waves are already present and scary in the afternoon.

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There are actually two lagoons to choose from, but this one is much accessible because the on the other one, you need to jump from a big rock just to on the water. And I don’t know how they will be able to go back to the rock again haha.

We had our early dinner (very usual for provincial girl like me) at 5pm since we’re both tired already. I also wanted to catch the sunset while just laying down on our tent.

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It was cloudy all through out the day (Yey! for a perfect weather), so there was no actual sunset but this view is not bad at all.

Because of almost two days of excursions, I feel asleep at 6pm, not minding the noise of other campers around us. Beb was not able to have a descent sleep because it as an unusual thing for him. He’s totally not comfortable sleeping in public and in sand. He gets totally disturbed by noisy campers around us.

Some of them badly needed a disciplinary action, especially in terms of bringing own garbage bags (mine was first stolen by a stranger and they just threw our garbages on the tree so we caught their attention and returned it immediately, but when we woke up in the morning, it was totally lost and stole by someone we don’t know who), waste disposal and proper noise management. Another disadvantage of a public beach, which should be taken action by the locals before it gets worst.

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Day 2. Another experience that I looked forward to, waking up in the morning in front of the beach. Perfection at its finest. (Not minding other campers)

We just had our breakfast at Aling Mercy’s then prepared for departure already since we had a schedule on the boat going back to Anilao port at 7am. There are boat men offering transports directly from Masasa to Anilao Port for only 100 Pesos, no need to walk on rice paddies nor ride a tricycle.

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Going to the boat. I really felt bad not able to enjoy the water and lagoon in the morning so I really swear that I’ll return here soon as our schedule permits.

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Mini boat going to the passenger boat.

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Boarded at 7 am then the boat left at 8 am. (If I can just jump out of the boat and swim while waiting for other passengers, argghh)

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Good thing we are seated on the front most part of the boat so we are able to move outside and enjoy the views and wavy ride going back to reality.

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Another one hour of boat ride and 45 minutes of that was one of my best moments of that day. My frustration of not being able to enjoy the lagoon was payed off upon reflecting and staring at the sea.

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I feel a huge comfort whenever I’m surrounded with bodies of water. It brings calmness to my inner self.

So here’s our itinerary and budget:

Day 1

0400 Ride bus in Buendia bound to Batangas Grand Terminal

0630 Arrival at BGT, ride jeep to Anilao Port

0730 Arrival at Anilao Port, ride boat going to Tingloy

0800 Depart from Anilao Port to Tingloy Island

0900 Arrival at Tingloy Island, ride tryk, walk through rice going to Masasa Beach

0920 Arrival at Masasa bach, pitch tent, lunch, swim, beach bum and rest

1500 Explore Mini Lagoon

1600 Wash up, prepare dinner

1700 Dinner

1800 Sleeping time

Day 2

0530 Wake-up, prepare for departure and break camp

0600 Breakfast at Aling Mercy’s

0630 Proceed to boat

0800 Departure from Masasa to Anilao Port

0900 Arrival at Anilao Port, ride jeep to BGT

1100 Arrival at Batangas Grand Terminal, ride van bound to Manila

1330 Arrival to Manila

Budget Breakdown (Updated as of February 2018)

157- Bus from Buendia to Batangas Grand Terminal

45- Jeep from Batangas Grand Terminal to Anilao Port/ Talaga Port

30- Environmental Fee

80- Boat fare to Tingloy Island

60- Tryk to Masasa Beach good for 4 pax

80- Boat from Tingloy to Anilao Port

45- Anilao to Batangas Grand Terminal

157- Bus from Batangas to Buendia

300- Transient rooms per pax

Php 864- Total

(Snorkeling: Php 100-150, Island Hopping: Php 1,500-2,000)

Once in our life we’ll find someone that will totally turn our world upside down, that will bring out the best in us and will show us what’s behind our eyes. It was all perfection at first, but time will come, clinginess and giddies will fade. You’ll realize it’s not just about those ideals. Reality will struck and you’ll find out love is not just about the happiness and perfection of the two of you, it’s more of the endless improvement and learning brought to you by new experiences and challenges that was destined to be conquered by the two of you. Love is not just about staying together, it’s how you keep each other.

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Love letters never gets old.

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Life is happier when you share it with someone.

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Don’t mind getting dirty as long as I’m with you.

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Faith and trust.

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To my travel buddy and life partner, thank you for spoiling all my curiosities in life, for being brave in taking all risks with me and loving me unconditionally.

Happy Third Anniversary My Love! More years of adventures to come. I love you!