Beach or Coldplay? 

Here I am again, torturing my self on future expenses. Just because I’m super stressed and exhausted due to class activities, submissions and adviser duties, my brain is already thinking how to escape just for a while. 

I badly misses beach and camp life. That freedom and happiness that only water could bring. 

But I’m currently saving for Coldplay concert next year. The start of general  ticket sale is on November 24th already, just exactly three days from now 😔 I don’t actually expecting for more expensive ticket, gen ad is enough as long as I experience that legit feeling of a real country style concert plus the xylobands. Oh my God. That was really I’m looking forward too. 

Okay. So Colette chill out. Actually I don’t have any choice cause I’m currently broke for that two, our payday is still a week from now and I don’t want to spend my savings just because of an impulsive decision