4th and 5th #Darwin

It was almost two months since I had my  last blog with you guys, sorry you know how busy we are for the past few weeks because of your perio, performance task and other school activities. So kung akala niyo na kayo lang ang madming ginagawa, doble kaya samin. Fair enough 🙂 But nevertheless, I don’t want to miss any of your activities that’s why I’m doing my best to keep up with you.

The Ibong Adarna play at SM Southmall last October 14. Another first time of yours truly, I never thought it was that exhausting especially that I was needed to guard you all from the entrance of the mall and until the moment we left the SM just to make sure that you are all complete and no one escaped. That was one of my unforgettable experience inside a mall. Imagine, you are all dragging me to the shops and booth, kaloka! Parang gusto kong lumubog sa kinatatayuan ko dahil sa ingay, gulo at dami niyo. Pero, I still enjoyed it kasi para akong nagkaron na nagpakadaming anak na nagtuturo kung saan saan. If you are old and responsible enough, they will allow us to roam and eat at the fast foods even just for a while, but we don’t have the choice but to follow on procedures. (I still look forward on that day that we can have our own mall and movie dates 🙂 )
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World’s Teacher Day celebration. Even though it was not usual for DLA to celebrate teachers day on October, we still appreciated your  little efforts in giving thanks to all your mentors. It was simple yet overwhelming. On behalf of all your teachers, thank you Darwin for this tribute. 
Preparation time for your stage play. I never saw you this behave and serious while preparing for your project that’s why I came down and took a picture of you. Sana lagi kayong ganito, hayyy. 
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New Yorker in Tondo by Grade 7 Darwin at the AVR, November 22, 2016 

I may not be as useful as I should be on this kind of activity because swear it was not my thing, but I hope you appeciated my moral support before, during and after your presentation haha. And another thing is that I know you can handle it more that I can. It was also my pride to see how other teachers and students appreciated your performance. You are the winner for us 🙂 Just keep on exposing your talents because you’ll never know what other opportunities it will bring you.

The video is still uploading up to this moment (turtle net *rolls eyes*) But here is your pictures during your presentation with the Grade 5 students.



Julie on her very energetic acting as Aling Atang/ Mrs. Mendoza.
Hannah as KIkay/ Franchesca, Paulo as Totoy, Rance as Tony and April as Nena. Little did I know that you could be as good as how you performed in front of other people. It brought so much kilig in me. You better ask Sam, Riza and some of your classmates beside me on how I reacted on every bit of your actions. 
From the Kanto Boys, Singers, Props Committee, Script Writers, Sounds Committee, Costumes and Make-up Committee, Main Actors and Actress and to the Directors, I saw and appreciated all your efforts and sacrifices just to have a fun filled show for everyone. It was satisfying for me too, that everyone of you took charge for every single detail of your play. 


Belated Happy Birthday Meggie! I love how positive you are on every circumstances. Even your mother told me that you are really like that even at home. It was a good thing and a characteristic I wish I have. Just stay being a happy person and sorry for the times I scold you because of your hyper-ness. Keep that positivity in you, it will help you a lot especially when you grow older and faces much obstacles in your life. 
Belated Happy Birthday too Margaux! One of the prettiest in my section, and I never knew that you have a very good voice! I was not able to hear you before not until your intermission number last time. I just fell in love with your unique and classic voice. Please continue honing that talent, it is a gift and of course keep striving hard on your academics. I already saw your improvements and you’re being much responsible now. Keep that spirit my dear. You have a lot of potentials too.
Sean! Belated happy birthday too! I know how pressured you are inside the classroom especially that we (I and your parents) are really looking forward for your excellence as an awardee. May you not took that negatively, I mean, we are seeing a lot of potentials in you, you’re a fast learner and knows how to work independently. I also love to see you enjoying other’s company but please don’t lose your focus on your academics okay? It’s not bad to have a lot of friends as long as you are helping each other to be a good student. I understand how you want to enjoy everything while you are young and I will be here to support you on that. I can wait to see you excel more 🙂
Last but not the least, Alyanna babes! Haha Super belated happy birthday. It was tooooo late but here it is. Thank you for being the most responsible secretary ever. You are one of the class officers that I really can count on too. Even though you’re an only child, you never act like a bratinella one, kahit na binubullly ka na nila Sam, Riza at April,  you never lose your temper. You are mature enough to handle situations and that’s what I like most about you (and with the other girls too) kaya ganun nalang din ako ka-close sainyo. It became much easier for me treat you as my little sisters or brothers more than a student or children. You are making my job much easier and worth while especially every time I saw you enjoying my company too. Super thank you and I’m still looking forward to see you reaching your dreams. 
PS. Thanks for this Yanna! I appreciated it super, especially that effort on calligraphy 🙂 Love you! PPS. Soon makakabawi and makakasama ka rin sa mga gala ng Darwin kapag malaki ka na, ay malaki ka na pala, kapag pwede ka na, just show to your parents that they can trust you. Understand them for now 🙂