The Sunday Currently Volume 14

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Perfect for this PMSing days.

First TSC entry this year, after long weeks of inactivity. It was just the third week of 2017 and I already feel the pressure on how I will handle more weeks to come. But of course, I know I don’t have the choice but to survive.

It was PST 10:40 pm and I’m currently:

Reading my posted journal entries all over my study area. I intentionally made a lot and stick it on walls around my table so it’s easy for me to be reminded on what I should and shouldn’t do on certain circumstances. Just like the photo above, it was about the activities that I can do whenever anxiety attacks. I also have something about goal setting and money saving tips which I personally formulate to remind myself on how I can manage my finances properly. So far, I find it helpful and motivating.

Financial management reminders 🙂

Listening to Everglow by Coldplay that kept on playing inside my head. It was my LSS since last day.

“Oh they say people come, say people go, this particular diamonds are extra special. And though you might be gone, and the world may not know, still I see you celestial.”

Thinking about everything. #overthinkingfeels. Brush that. I was actually thinking on when will I be able to start applying as an Online English Tutor since I really wanted to push some sideline other than our online business, though I know, my school sched won’t allow me to. Hayyy. Maybe, on the 2nd or 3rd week of April.

Wishing for more buyers of our calligraphy sets. Our goal is for our 30 sets to be sold before this month ends. Hopefully, we’ll achieve it.

Hoping for lesser paper works or more accomplishments this week, just to get even on all our tedious works last week.

Loving Mama’s recovery from her operation. Her uterus was just removed due to myoma and Thank God it was a successful one, no problems nor complications. Now she is in her healing period and so far, she’s doing good.

Wanting relief. (I don’t know, that’s just the first word that pops into my mind) A peace of mind too. I’ve been so preoccupied this past week due to house duties since Mama won’t able to take chores, plus the duties too in school that I need to take home just to finish it before the IPTC. Maybe, my body was just seeking for a satisfying rest.

Feeling indifferent. More works to come this week, it haven’t started yet but I already feel this inner pressure to finish everything ahead of time so I can have my me time really quick. It will all pass by. Just seize each day, you can do it!

Be your purest self. You have the gift that the world should see.