One Month Left #Darwin

It has been two months since I last blogged about you guys. Too many happenings and I prioritized to finish everything first so I get to write all of it on one blog.


Just after the 3rd Periodical Test, we all enjoyed this day after all the academic stress we all experienced. Group dances, song intermissions, parlor games, lunch as a class and so much fun, a great way to end our 2016 🙂



Darwin’s Christmas Party 12.21.16


First month of 2017 was all about the PALARO week. This was so far my most unforgettable week as an adviser. So many emotions which was far of what I expected. It really tested my role on my class.

Started with the Preliminary of the Mr. and Ms. Palaro 2017. Proud to do the hair and make-up of my beautiful muse Hannah, while supported and encouraged (a lot) my escort Noe to continue representing our section, and I’m glad he pursued. They all did a great job considering that it is their first time. I see a lot of opportunities for them. 
Again, Hannah and Noe, you all did great. From the prelims to the finals, I saw how confident you are and it made me proud even more. To Hannah, thanks for trusting me your looks, I’m impressed with your beauty, intelligence and guts, you deserve more exposure. To Noe. thank you for listening to me, for believing that you can do it. (Dami nating pilitan session ee noh, may misunderstanding pa, pero atleast na-overcome.)
Right after the parade.
#GiveLove Photo session on the last day of Palaro. I will definitely miss this week-long fun.
Especially this tambayan moments. I can stay here all day with you guys. No pressure, no stress, just pure joy. UNO card games, Jenga and chikahan about everything, I never felt bored. 
Our chill out after the Palaro. I was actually depressed during the awarding so I felt I need to release it with some good people. So I invited them for a drink at Infinitea and glad they joined. I hope to have more kind of this with my students. #Sepanx

This Palaro experience was just more than unforgettable. For all their wins, I was the most proud and for all the game that they lost, I was the most heart broken. I will never forget those times that I feel like crying due all their frustrations but I resist to show it because I want to be the strongest for them. I hide myself at the comfort room just to compose my emotions after breaking down. I never felt that sad for so long. I was the most affected. It made me realized how hard it is to be more than just an adviser. But nevertheless, it was fulfilling and the important thing is we all enjoyed the Palaro.


This month was a back-to-reality moments, less extra-curricular and more academic completions. Glad they all survived from this stressful week of IP.

Successful IP defense! Congratulations. All your hard works payed off. It was a job well done. We all saw how you struggle from the beginning of your study and how you defended it for the last time. I was amazed on how you exerted all your efforts just to finish and reach all our expectations and standards for your presentations. Again, you made my proud guys 🙂

Valentine Surprise: Quick break before the IP defense.

Yay! Best valentine so far. I never really expected this. I was about to absent that day because I don’t feel well, but I reported not knowing that it was because of you guys. God don’t want me to miss that day with you.
Thank you for all the roses, candy flowers, gifts, video tribute (which felt like a farewell party already LOL) the harana, the short dances with the boys and warm hugs from the girls. I really do love you more guys. 
Guess who’s the happiest? Thank you so much my Darwin. I will forever treasure this ❤

Long over due but it is better to be late than never… belated and advance happy birthdays to our December, January and February celebrants!



Cute mo dito Noe 😀 Thank you for listening to me. Kahit napaka-suplado mo and iniwasan mo ko nung mga time na akala mo galit ako sayo, I appreciate that kasi nakita ko na pinagkatiwalaan mo ko, katulad nung pagtitiwala ko sayo na kaya mong irepresent ang klase natin sa Palaro. More than that, I saw your dedication in everything you do, in your studies, sa sports like badminton and lalo na during ng Palaro. From basketball, volleyball then Palarong Pinoy, ibinuhos mo lahat ng kaya mong gawin para sa Darwin kaya lalo akong humanga sayo. You all have the means to be successful because of your passion to do everything for your future. Sa lovelife, I actually adored yung pagiging suplado mo because it’s just means that you take love seriously. always say this to you, na swerte yung babaeng mamahalin mo kasi hindi mo siya itetake for granted. Basta never rush. Darating din yun in perfect time.


Hannah #1, continue being a strong woman. Ilang beses na tayong nag-usap and as time goes by I already saw your improvements especially this month. You are learning more in socializing with your classmates. You are making me proud with that because it just means that you are listening and you are trusting my advice. I never want to see you sad and lonely being along that’s why I’m helping you to build you support group. I will always be here for you Hannah, do remember that. You are never alone. 


Liit ng picture mo eh noh? Kasi naman walang selfie na maayos haha. Ian, alam ko mabait ka, kahit lagi mong binubully mga classmates mo haha. Kala mo di ko alam ee. Sadyang realtalk ka lang talaga kung magsalita. And gusto ko yung pagiging prangka mo. Natutuwa naman mga classmate mo sayo kapag binibiro mo kaya enjoy lang. Basta wag lang pababayaan ang pag-aaral ha. Bawal na ma-late! Ilang days nalang 😀


Aloysius! Wala ka ding selfie anu ba yan! Hehe. Also one of the small but terrible guy in Darwin. I know you have a lot of talents that’s why your classmates like you so much. Just continue exposing it para maappreciate din ng mga teacher. Ma-oovercome naman yang shyness na yan. Still lot more of years to go. I want to see you grow and excel of your passions especially in arts.


Arjohn, you don’t have selfie too. I’m also not sure if you are able to read this because you don’t have Facebook. But nevertheless, thank you for being the funny guy to your classmates, you lighten up their moods on the middle of tensions. And even if you tend to be serious most of the times, you are able to get along well with them. Continue being an obedient son, never get tired of aiming for the better and you are so lucky to be surrounded by people, your mom, who will do everything for you and for your future.


Grace, belated happy birthday. Thank you for being one of the most responsible inside the class. Isa ka sa pinakanaasahan ko sa mga times na may class projects and performance tasks kayo. Hindi ka nagdalawang isip na tulong. Even sa pagdadala ng grapes nung Christmas Party dahil nirequest ko, hehe sobrang salamat. Continue pursuing your skills and passion. Marami ka pang kayang gawin.


Hannah #2, Rexine (yes may selfie kas kaso stolen nga lang), thank you for being one of the most responsible in terms of academics inside the class, well actually hindi lang naman sa acads ee, kahit sa mga project and presentations you do well. You know how to cooperate with the class. You made me proud when you stand out during the Second Quarter among the whole class and I’m glad because you still able to maintain than. Thank you for being an inspiration to your classmates, na kahit gaano kahirap at kakumplikado yung mga subjects niyo, everyone is capable to excel. Wishing you more patience, success and achievement on future endeavors.


Hannah #3, Flores, advance happy birthday! Thank you for being a strong and mature lady above all your new experiences here in DLA. I saw how you struggle in every lesson but you are also able to stand up and conquer every challenges you are always facing. Even during the Palaro, when you cried, I also felt sad about it but what’s important is you do your best, I knew it. That’s how strong you are. Hindi ka sasabak sa isang bagay na hindi ka handa. Because I witnessed it during the Palaro. Even if that was your first time, I never saw any hesitations from you. You proved that you can do it. Now, I continually seeing your improvements in terms of socializing with your classmates. You are a good influence to them. Keep it up! Just like what I’ve told you, I can’t wait to see you bloom more.


Lastly, Rojerre, advance happy birthday too! Hayy. Alam kong dami mong struggles this year. Kahit ako, I never saw those coming. Pero I still believe in you. Pinahanga mo ko, especially Teacher Tessa on your group defense. Bawing bawi daw. And I was the happiest when she said that. I’m also glad that you are able to know yourself more this year, sa dami nang confrontations natin, I still see you as an ideal guy, who has a lot of potentials. Just never get tired of being a good and intelligent guy. I’m happy that you are able to enjoy your teenage life this year and I hope you are learning a lot from it. Thank you also for being the sweetest guy in the Darwin class. I really do appreciate that. 🙂

One more month, our school year is over. I don’t want to be dramatic yet, I’ll save it for the farewell. All I want is for us to enjoy the remaining moments. As much as possible I want to make the most out of it. Have some bondings and chill out before we part ways. I know it will happen very soon.


From the clingiest adviser you will ever have,

Ms. Lette ❤