The Sunday Currently Volume 15

Exactly one and a half hour before Sunday while I’m writing this one. I’m still struggling with motivation to do the things I have to do (or has been done), longggg timeeee agooooo. Procrastination at its finest.

This vacation was supposed to be a productive one, going to the gym, running, working out, doing side hustle (well, gladly I was able to do some), full time working on our online business, being active on my blog, and other part time jobs. But here I am for two weeks now, stressing the hell out of me, sleeping and overthinking things I should be actualizing.

Maybe I can start things right by this blog. So I’m currently:

Reading live tweets from A’s UpSurge concert. #Fangirling haha. They are my happy pill. I’m contented even if I wasn’t able to watch them personally. That’s enough for me.

Listening To Be Yours I am Destined by Denise Barbacena which keeps on playing on my head this whole day plus Feels Like Home by Chantal. How timeless is that song.

Thinking about buying my own domain and applying for a hosting site so I can have my official blog. But I’m still considering things especially now that I’m on waiting game and hibernation on expenses. I also need to study more on web hosting and designing since I’m not familiar with those.

Wishing for a positive results on my future endeavor. I have a strong feeling that I have a chance, but I don’t want to be that confident. *crossfingers* God knows why I really want and why I sacrificed my convenience on my previous school for that job. Thy will be done.

Hoping for new stocks to be shipped quickly. Kaligrafiamnl was still blessed for continuous customers. Although we’re still thinking of more products, we’re having a hard time finding suppliers. There’s no actual one stop shop for everything we need, plus the shipping fee was really expensive since it is coming from United Kingdom.

So for now I just updated our products on our Facebook page and other online shop platforms, like OLX, Carousell and Shopee. Feel free to check the links to see more our products. Calligraphy is more than just a hobby, it can also be a stress reliever activity for everyone. Don’t be afraid to try it, go and see it for yourself!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Loving to witness how I actualize all the skills I learned from my recent trainings. It feels  good that I was able to execute all my passion very well, and also earn from it. From my cosmetology (eyelash extension home service) and events management servicing (wedding coordination) to calligraphy works and online calligraphy shop.

Eyelash extensions by truly yours, consists of more than 100 strands of natural hair each eye.

Juniel and Mary 04.12.17 (I just observe the wedding and helped on the catering, but I was the once who made the menu list,  presidential table names and numbers)
IMG_2440 2
On the spot wedding coordination (I’m just alone) during Jess and Edhz Nuptials 05.18.17
Finally the wedding where I’m excited of since we personally planned and coordinated with this together with the couple. Lloyd and Nikki 05.20.17
Our happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Nikki-Lloyd Lucas with my co-coordinators, Mae and Chelsie. I can’t do it without them. It was indeed touching to be part of the couple’s beautiful beginning. I was glad that we are able to satisfy their expectations. The experience was more than just a job, it was also more of extending our passion to other people. One of the best, this year!
So fulfilling to see your works on someone’s special event. Skills plus passion equals love 🙂

Wanting a short beach vacation again before the summer became officially over? Oh shut up Colette! You need to secure your work first! Maybe new side jobs? Calligraphy workshops or art tambays on a coffee shop will do.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg
Last Thursday’s family get together during Mama’s birthday celebration. As of now, suit yourself on swimming pools, Colette. You can’t afford a beach again. 

Feeling emotionally tired from overthinking things that haven’t happen yet. Sigh.  Set yourself free, Colette.

I forgot, I still have my pending blog about our recent environmental awareness seminar sponsored by DENR, the Project AlaGALAan. I’m still working on the pictures. I have a lot and I can’t choose what to edit and post. But I’ll be posting that very soon.

(Yey, Sunday already! See you The Feast later with Beb. )

God will surprise you. Just wait and watch for His actions.