The Sunday Currently Volume 16

It’s already the second half of 2017 and a perfect time to evaluate things that happen on the first half. But I don’t feel like doing those since it will just stress the hell out of me especially I can’t prevent myself from comparing the first half of my previous year to the current. Definitely, the two are incomparable, 2016 is full of adventures while 2017 has lots of challenges and worth-to-take-risks. Both good things, though.

It is still Saturday but I really feel like writing so let me just share what I’m currently doing.

Reading Facebook newsfeed. I read one article in which is about their interview on the 8 Summa Cum Laude of UP Diliman. I found all their sharing helpful and inspiring. And I’m planning to print those just as a good reference in working and studying hard.

Listening to the ticking clock. It makes me feel sleepy already.

Thinking about the consequences when I choose to go to church (The Feast PICC) tomorrow, instead of going to school to help for the brigada. Maybe I can just pray for them? hehe. Sorry but I can’t just really afford to miss out one session, my life’s incomplete without it especially now that Bro. Bo is in Manila. I’m pretty sure he’ll be back in preaching at the AM sessions tomorrow.

Wishing for a peace of mind and a week away from toxics. My last time’w wish was about passing the RQA for teacher and thank God, I did and at Rank 1 for TLE with the average of 86! God that was unbelievable, really more than I asked for. I really owe Him a lot. So by now, my wish is for him to give me patience to I can treat and teach students properly.

Hoping for a change in my perspective in teaching. I admit, I’m a bit lax and became conformist in terms of reality and procedures in public school, lot different from the standards since that is what I’m witnessing in my environment.  We had our first day in Teachers Induction Program a while ago, and I learned a lot. I found myself guilty of some, like being rude and sarcastic to my students due to impatience. I forgot my main goal, the reason why my (former) students loved me most.

Loving my calligraphy workshop last Thursday. Another answered prayer and I’m still praying for more, I still need customers/ clients to be able to save for another month of waiting for our salary.

Wanting to finish all my pending jobs so I can just focus on teaching strategies, bulletin board, item analysis for my previous quizzes, test results, checking of projects, and many more. It frustrates me. Nobody’s is pressuring me so I tend to not pressure myself. I’m so chill, you know. This is not me. I want to be productive.

Feeling sleepy already. I badly need rest and sleep. Week is almost over, but the work is nonstop.

I need my Sundays. Sundays are for me and for the Lord.

 “Integrity is doing the right thing even if no one is watching.”