5 Reasons Why Introverts are Worth the Risk

Introvert or not, relationship is not just about a man being the best for a lady but it can also be the other way around.  Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Introverts are Worth the Risk



Yesterday was my last day in school, as an adviser and a DLA teacher. Undeniably, I’ll miss everything, the school, the environment, all my students, co-teachers, the paperworks, the routines, events, the place and even all the toxics that I endured. It was a great risky step for my career, to just leave everything after I get used to it. But that’s life. You need … Continue reading #OfficiallyUnemployed

Hanggang sa muli, Darwin ’16-17

March 14, huling klase. Napahinga ang kaluluwa ko sa kaingayan niyo ng sampung araw. At kanina nabulabog na naman ako. Oo nakakainis. Pero nakakamiss din pala. Medyo ngayon lang nagsink-in sakin lahat, na hanggang dito na nga lang. Magkakahiwalay na tayo, at sa susunod na taon na makikita ko kayo ay kasama niyo narin ang mga bagong kaibigan at pamilya niyo.  Sana na sampung buwan … Continue reading Hanggang sa muli, Darwin ’16-17

Thank you 2016!

I never thought that this cover of my diary will actually reflect on my over-all achievement  in 2016. How amazing. Indeed, a lot of opportunities came, travels, hike, online business and even the opportunity to finally able to know and met Him on the persona of different faces. This year has been the most adventurous time of my life. So many first, so many new experiences, … Continue reading Thank you 2016!

Beach or Coldplay? 

Here I am again, torturing my self on future expenses. Just because I’m super stressed and exhausted due to class activities, submissions and adviser duties, my brain is already thinking how to escape just for a while.  I badly misses beach and camp life. That freedom and happiness that only water could bring.  But I’m currently saving for Coldplay concert next year. The start of … Continue reading Beach or Coldplay?