The Sunday Currently Volume 16

It’s already the second half of 2017 and a perfect time to evaluate things that happen on the first half. But I don’t feel like doing those since it will just stress the hell out of me especially I can’t prevent myself from comparing the first half of my previous year to the current. Definitely, the two are incomparable, 2016 is full of adventures while … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Volume 16

The Sunday Currently Volume 15

Exactly one and a half hour before Sunday while I’m writing this one. I’m still struggling with motivation to do the things I have to do (or has been done), longggg timeeee agooooo. Procrastination at its finest. This vacation was supposed to be a productive one, going to the gym, running, working out, doing side hustle (well, gladly I was able to do some), full … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Volume 15

Pulong Pasig, Calauag Quezon 041517

Sandbar, crystal clear waters, white sand on less crowded island for just Php 1,000 from Manila? Pulong Pasig is an uninhabited island located at Calauag, Quezon Province, reachable via 6-7 hours of bus ride from Alabang and 2 hours of boat ride from Calauag Port. Since it’s not populated yet, there’s no cottage, or any amenities available for the tourist. You can bring and pitch your … Continue reading Pulong Pasig, Calauag Quezon 041517


Yesterday was my last day in school, as an adviser and a DLA teacher. Undeniably, I’ll miss everything, the school, the environment, all my students, co-teachers, the paperworks, the routines, events, the place and even all the toxics that I endured. It was a great risky step for my career, to just leave everything after I get used to it. But that’s life. You need … Continue reading #OfficiallyUnemployed

Hanggang sa muli, Darwin ’16-17

March 14, huling klase. Napahinga ang kaluluwa ko sa kaingayan niyo ng sampung araw. At kanina nabulabog na naman ako. Oo nakakainis. Pero nakakamiss din pala. Medyo ngayon lang nagsink-in sakin lahat, na hanggang dito na nga lang. Magkakahiwalay na tayo, at sa susunod na taon na makikita ko kayo ay kasama niyo narin ang mga bagong kaibigan at pamilya niyo.  Sana na sampung buwan … Continue reading Hanggang sa muli, Darwin ’16-17

One Month Left #Darwin

It has been two months since I last blogged about you guys. Too many happenings and I prioritized to finish everything first so I get to write all of it on one blog. DECEMBER Just after the 3rd Periodical Test, we all enjoyed this day after all the academic stress we all experienced. Group dances, song intermissions, parlor games, lunch as a class and so … Continue reading One Month Left #Darwin

The Sunday Currently Volume 14

First TSC entry this year, after long weeks of inactivity. It was just the third week of 2017 and I already feel the pressure on how I will handle more weeks to come. But of course, I know I don’t have the choice but to survive. It was PST 10:40 pm and I’m currently: Reading my posted journal entries all over my study area. I intentionally … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Volume 14