Beach or Coldplay? 

Here I am again, torturing my self on future expenses. Just because I’m super stressed and exhausted due to class activities, submissions and adviser duties, my brain is already thinking how to escape just for a while.  I badly misses beach and camp life. That freedom and happiness that only water could bring.  But I’m currently saving for Coldplay concert next year. The start of … Continue reading Beach or Coldplay? 

Mt. Maculot and Burot Beach Day Tour 05212016

I actually haven’t seen any day trip itinerary of Mt. Maculot and Burot Beach together because it was really far from each other. But just to satisfy ourselves of a hike and a beach day tour, we continued and made our own itinerary. 🙂 Continue reading Mt. Maculot and Burot Beach Day Tour 05212016

Beach Bumming at San Narciso, Zambales 04242016

(Edited with Itinerary and Budget)   Zambales beach bumming was supposed to be Valentine trip for both of us, but because of some insignificant reasons (yes, not so important considerations) we postponed it. We focused first on hiking with groups. Then since beaches are in trend this summer, our group planned for a trek and island side trips this month which is isn Zambales too. … Continue reading Beach Bumming at San Narciso, Zambales 04242016

The Sunday Currently Volume 7 

  Happy Easter! Today is a reminder of our birth as Christian! Hallelujah! It’s Sunday and I’m currently: Reading: Facebook News Feed. So fckin tired of doing this every single day but I can’t help it. Writing The Sunday Currently Volume 7. Been a long time since I was able to write about this. A bit busy with trekking and attending Sunday class for Cosmetology. Listening … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Volume 7